Misty Mornings in Vermont

Waking up in Vermont does feel somewhat surreal.

Almost as though you haven’t quite finished dreaming, instead you’re just stepping into a new one.

With the luminous leaves falling like dancing raindrops, light peeking through the branches, and on this particular morning – a thick blanket of cool mist wrapped around the house.

Welcome, to life in Vermont.

Welcome to Vermont

Technically I’m skipping ahead a bit here, I just couldn’t resist sharing before the weekend!

We rented a red painted farmhouse for our stay, delighting in its old school American charm.

Rocking Out

Complete with porch for rocking on.

Misty morning on the front porch

With no-one for miles around and lost in a cocoon of fog, the thick silence was quite spellbinding.

Only the occasional rustle of leaves or hoot from an owl staying up late to break the quiet.

Cosy and misty mornings

Autumn boots - convert from long to ankle length and back again!

We poured ourselves big mugs of strong tea and went out for a stroll in the mist.

Foggy morning in Vermont

Autumn Fog in Vermont

There’s something quite remarkable about going for a walk in fog, particularly somewhere you’ve never been before.

It requires a good dollop of faith. Faith that the road will keep going, that it’s leading you somewhere interesting, that you’ll be able to find your way home again.

Seems a pretty good metaphor for life in general, in fact!

Foggy walk in the crunchy leaves (and convertible leather boots)

With a few boulders to overcome, naturally.

You know what they say… girls just wanna have fern.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fern!

Dressed in The New Equestrian range from Tory Burch.

Convertible boots (more on these later!)

Extra long jeans // Inez sweater

Alistair bag

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The mist brought with it a fine layer of wet glitter, which it sprinkled more liberally than my mother over everything at Christmas. Which is saying something.

Misty walk in the fall foliage

Autumn leaves sprinkled in dew


Every time the wind whistled through our tracks, we stopped to try and catch a piece of luck falling from the branches.

Catch a falling leaf for luck

In fact I consider myself pretty lucky to be a Tory Burch ambassador, which is how I know about these boots.

Prepare yourself for these.

They transform.

Fall Favourite : convertible leather boots

Pop the poppers, glide the zip, step out and you have yourself a whole new pair of boots.

Two for one!

Autumn must-have : black chelsea boots

Quite frankly the nicest Chelsea boots I’ve ever owned.

Rugged yet refined, comfy, not a drop of moisture slipped through, despite our adventures. (They also come in heels.)

This bag is also something of a dark horse.

Fall Look : Cream Knit and a convertible leather bag!

The middle piece slips out to become a clutch, for when you need to spruce your look up a little.

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Eager to drink in more of the exceptional morning, we opted for breakfast al-fresco.

The perfect autumnal breakfast

Piling up the picnic table in the garden with all of our breakfast favourites.

Picnics with your bestie

Hey, when Mother Nature puts on a show you’ve just got to grab a cuppa and make the most of it!

Fall Bucket List : have breakfast with your best friend under the golden trees

Apple Cider Donuts

Warm apple cider doughnuts, dusted in cinnamon sugar.

Can’t you just smell them from here?!

Pancakes drizzled in maple syrup

Pancakes with local maple syrup.

The perfect fall breakfast : pancakes AND donuts amongst the leaves

Hot coffee, jams, boiled eggs and tough crusted bread.

Misty breakfast picnic in the forest

Despite only taking a few moments to set the table up (team work makes the dream work) it felt like our very own Hogwarts banquet in the great hall, beneath the changing skies.

The perfect autumn breakfast picnic

Sadly no replenishing plates on this occasion however!

Steaming cup of coffee and a side of donuts

Pumpkins and Pancakes for breakfast

To stay true to the theme, the mists quickly turned my locks into something Hagrid would be proud of.

Much to Hermione’s amusement.

Outdoor breakfast with your BFF

Once the mist cleared it was back to business as usual.

Fall Look : Camel coat and knee high black leather boots

Stomping through gold tinged landscapes, exploring and making a few friends along the way.


Camel coat

Horses in the autumn leave in Vermont

I would carry on, but I’m feeling a little horse.


So I’ll save the rest for Monday.

Why not treat yourself to an Autumn picnic this weekend?

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