Caravan, Exmouth Market

Once every few years us Londoners are treated to an extra season.

A little treat shoehorned into the gap between Summer and Autumn.

I call it Sautummer. Sorta summer, sorta autumn.

Rather than a gentle slide from the heat of summer into the cool winds of autumn, complete with orange trees and a bout of the sniffles, instead we get heat waves, boiling hot mornings followed by chilly afternoons.

The city grumbles about sweaty Tube carriages, but secretly hopes the rain will hold off a little longer anyway.

It marks a new school term. Gone is the carefree optimism of summer, now it’s time to get back to work and make something of yourself. Impress the boss (even if the boss is just a voice at the back of your head) and make your mark.

Though of course “Home Clothes Days” (or “Mufty days” as they were known in my school. I know, awful.) can prove a little tricky. Too hot for jeans and a jumper, too cool for dresses.

When are shorts and wooly jumpers an acceptable match?

Trans-Seasonal Dressing

Sautummer, that’s when!

Pink knit // White shorts

Leather belt // Gold bangle

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Vintage Vuitton

The Back2School bag of choice?

A vintage Noé bag.

The Mary Poppins style Tardis to carry everything but the kitchen sink. Only these old ones are made from the proper old leather that only gets better with age and lasts a thousand years.

More or less.

Search online for them here for the best options + prices. I’ll pop a few below, too.

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Between summer and autumn

Just the look for a Sautummer weekend in the city.

And of course being a weekend, brunch is always on the cards.


This time we ordered up quite the spread from Caravan, in Exmouth Market.



Baked eggs, with sausages and cool yogurt.

Give my One Pan Breakfast a go if you fancy this, or Dip ‘n’ Share eggs if you’re not the sausage type!


Wholegrain pancakes with maple mascarpone & berries.

Which reminds me.

What cheese should you use to hide a horse?


Sorry. Had to.


Rather sorry looking avocado toast, still good for dipping into baked eggs though.





Caravan certainly isn’t new, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay a visit.

Sit outside, enjoy the unseasonable sunshine.


In your knitwear and shorts.


Ps. If you’re after cheap knits, these guys have 50% off everything today. Everything. Even the sale.

Not sponsored, just sharing!

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After breakfast should you find yourself footloose and fancy free, well it would be rude not to pop into some of the shops around Exmouth Market.

It’s nice to support independent little places…


…well that’s my excuse anyway and I’m sticking to it.

Have you seen those dungarees in the window up there?!

I need a baby immediately, and I’m almost certain that that’s not the fact I’m ovulating/or my love of stripes talking.

Actually, ask me next week.

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