Wild Swimming, Corsica

Corsica is wild swimming country.

In August the beaches can get pretty crowded, and this is where the island really shines.

Just a little way inland you’ll find mile after mile of crystal clear rivers, just desperate to be jumped into.

A nice easy option if you’re staying in the north is Valley D’Asco.

Wild Swimming Corsica-1

A huge and gorgeous valley with a long winding road.

It starts with little campsites and very simple restaurant, and soon snakes into a little mountain path with lots of places to pull over for a dip.

Wild Swimming Corsica-2

Wild Swimming Corsica-3

Just drive until you see a glittering pool you like the look of, park up and trot down.

Wild Swimming Corsica-4

You can use the warm boulders as stepping stones and lounge on them like a lizard in the sun.

Wild Swimming Corsica-5

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Take a good book, a towel and a picnic and you can enjoy your own private little slice of heaven, far away from the crowds.

Wild Swimming Corsica-6

Then you just have to take the plunge!

Wild Swimming Corsica-14


Wild Swimming Corsica-8

The water isn’t warm, but is by no means cold.

We spent days wallowing in the shallows and playing in the depths.

The valley offers up Mother Nature’s finest, on a silver platter. You just have to sit back and enjoy it.

Wild Swimming Corsica-9

Wild Swimming Corsica-10

Not something I have any trouble doing!

Wild Swimming Corsica-11

Wild Swimming Corsica-12

After lunch we stretched out and enjoyed a very lazy afternoon.

Wild Swimming Corsica-13

Wild Swimming Corsica-15

Having the place to yourself feels a little surreal, we shared our pool with a few dragon flies but that was it.

Coupled with my chap’s assurances that there are no poisonous snakes or nasties in Corsica, it truly felt heavenly.

Wild Swimming Corsica-16

To get there I recommend heading for this meeting of the roads, you should be able to get there from anywhere on the island pretty easily.

From there set course for this spot, it’s a further along the valley and a well loved local spot for swimming. We took a look and decided to find our own, as we didn’t want to be around people.

But if you’re the social type or have kids who want to play with other kids, you could just head straight there.

Try and get to the valley before 11 and don’t leave until after 4/5. That’s when the French leave and otherwise you’ll have to pull over every two minutes to let people past.

But whatever you do, I really recommend a visit.

Wild Swimming Corsica-17

The wild swimming throughout this trip has really blown us away!

We’re already making plans to return to this spot later in the week and bring the whole family next year.

I guess you could say it rocks

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