Let’s Bounce

So I have discovered one hell of a new work out!

It’ll work every muscle you’ve got, get your heart pumping and leave you in a sweaty, laughing heap at the end.

But the best bit?

Not even one second of it will feel like work.

Jump in!

Trampoline Park London -1

Hidden away on the outskirts of London is “Oxygen Freejumping” a warehouse filled to the gills with trampolines.

Trampoline Park London -4

You pay to get in and then you have an hour to run wild!

Leap to your heart’s content, chase each other, race, bounce, play dodge ball, gladiators, basketball, whatever you like.

Trampoline workout

Flitting around like a Matthew Williamson butterfly!

Leggings // Sports bra

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Trampoline Park London -3


Trampoline Park London -6

Never mind the workout, the sheer amount of laughter, excitement and smiling involved has to be good for the soul.

I can’t remember ever feeling quite so exhausted, and that was only after the first ten minutes!

Butterfly workout gear

You can find the London one in Acton, it was a 25min drive from Kensington, but you can get the tube to  West Acton and walk.

Website here.

Open pretty early ’til pretty late, but obviously try to avoid the after school rush if you can.

There are a few more dotted around the country so try to find one near you, and dive in!

Trampoline Park London -8

Just be sure to tag me in the snaps.


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