Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Last week my fella and I made one more trek to Henley for my favourite event of the summer.

Henley Festival!

I know I’ve told you about it for the last three years running, but honestly it just never gets old!

The most civilized of all festivals, it’s held on the banks of the Thames in Henley. Everyone wears black tie. There’s more champagne than there is water in the river. The average age is about 60. It’s heavenly!

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good excuse to dress up?

Henley Festival-1

I wore a rose gold backless wrap dress, that made me feel like something of a Greek goddess!

Henley Festival-2

Throwing silver and gold into the mix, proudly flying the flag as a Pandora ambassador.

Henley Festival-1-3

Silver daisy pendant // Silver letter

Henley Festival-4

Double daisy ring

Sparkle ring // Gold bow ring // Sparkle ring

Henley Festival-1-4

Rose earrings

Henley Festival-6

Ocean ring

Pandora pieces are perfect for stacking, mixing metals and creating a truly unique look every time you leave the house.

Dreamy in the golden light of a slow summer sunset.

Henley Festival-7

We hopped into a plush BMW in London and were whisked out to the countryside and down to the river.

Henley Festival-8

Any party where you’re greeted with chilled champagne is ok by me!

Henley Festival-9

Henley Festival-10

Fabulously dressed guests in glorious wooden boats slipped through the water.

Revelers chatted and danced, eagerly anticipating a night to remember.

Perhaps the glasses give you a hint about the performer?

Henley Festival-11

Performers and artists roamed the grounds, surprising and delighting festival goers.

Henley Festival-12

And we strolled along the river bank taking it all in.

Henley Festival-13

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This is by far the loveliest silk dress I’ve ever worn. The weight of the fabric means it moves so beautifully and flatteringly slips past any… bread basket indiscretions.

But in case you’re on a budget, I’ve popped some pocket friendlier options below.

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Henley Festival-14

Henley Festival-15

Soon we were all called into the tent for supper.

Henley Festival-16

Yes, I did consider stealing each and every one of those striped napkins.

Henley Festival-17

We chatted, joked and laughed through three courses.

Henley Festival-18

Before the bouncers arrived and told us it was time for the show!

Henley Festival-19

Eagerly we all poured into the grandstand and took our seats.

Henley Festival-20

Henley Festival-21

Henley Festival-22

Sir Elton took to the stage and immediately launched into all of his hits!

Henley Festival-23

We sang, swayed, danced and cheered along. All moving as one, buzzing with the most incredible energy.

Henley Festival-24

Henley Festival-25

Henley Festival-26

Henley Festival-27

Henley Festival-28

We sang until we were hoarse and settled down to a tearful sway for Candle in The Wind.

Henley Festival-29

After an encore, Elton bid us goodnight and fireworks rocketed into the sky.

Henley Festival-30

Showering the night in glitter, reflected in the inky river below.

Henley Festival-31

We danced our socks off inside to a local band belting out all of the classics and cooled off with a stroll through the leafy green grounds.

Henley Festival-32

I’d like to say we were the last ones standing, but I think these guys beat us to that title…

Henley Festival-33

We slipped into the back of the car and snoozed all the way back to London.

See you next year Henley!



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