A great deal of your time in Santorini will be spent climbing stairs.

Endless, endless cobbled stairs.

Quarter of the way up you’ll be scared you’re going to die. Half way up you’ll be afraid you won’t!

Santorini Sunsets-1

Santorini Sunsets-2

But keep going… the view is well worth the climb.

Santorini Sunsets-3

Santorini Sunsets-4

Santorini Sunsets-6

Santorini Sunsets-8

Sunrise and sunset are easily the best times to explore the island.

Especially our postcard pretty little town of Oia.

It’s much cooler than the stifling heat of the day and if you duck down some of the winding side alleys you’ll avoid the torrent of cruise ship tour groups pouring through the more popular main streets.

Then you can pull up a wall and cool your sandals.

Santorini Sunsets-9

Off shoulder dress // Sunnies (55% off)

Lace up sandals // Leather bag

Val’s sunnies

Crochet dress // Greek sandals

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Both bathed in the pink sunset, layered in Pandora Rose.

Santorini Sunsets-10

Sparkling Necklace // Wing Necklace // Pink Heart Necklace

Santorini Sunsets-11

As a long time Pandora ambassador, I’m always having my collection raided by friends and loved ones!

Which is lovely because they become grownup friendship bracelets of sorts.

Santorini Sunsets-1-2

Santorini Sunsets-13

Just the thing for remembering a holiday like this.

Santorini Sunsets-14

Charm bracelet // Rose Charms

Santorini Sunsets-15

Santorini Sunsets-17

Having caught our breath and taken in the view, we climbed a little higher.

Braving the crowds on the main drag to get to “Sunsets” restaurant.

Santorini Sunsets-18

Here you can avoid the crowds and drink in the island’s finest view of the sunset, real drink in hand.

Santorini Sunsets-19

Santorini Sunsets-20

Santorini Sunsets-22

Rose Rings

Santorini Sunsets-23

We sat in the cooling breeze floating up from the sea, drinking, nibbling and chatting as the sun slowly dipped lower and lower in the sky.

Santorini Sunsets-24

More than just a tourist trap, this place has genuinely spectacular nibbles.

Santorini Sunsets-25

A big bowl of cold tzatziki.

Santorini Sunsets-26

The very best tarama we had all week, topped with tender and tasty marinaded squid.

Santorini Sunsets-27

Greek salad. Naturally.

Santorini Sunsets-28

And a few carafs of the local good stuff.

Santorini Sunsets-29

Of course it is possible to enjoy the sunset from the street…

Santorini Sunsets-30

…but this is just so much more civilized!

Santorini Sunsets-32

Santorini Sunsets-31

After supper we walked to a place that would soon become our regular haunt.

Lolita’s gelato shop.

Santorini Sunsets-33

If you go, be sure to get the peanut dream.

It really is quite dreamy!

Santorini Sunsets-34

The three of us strolled home arm in arm and marveled at the ever-changing beauty of Santorini in all its different lights.

Glowing gently with its swimming pools and hotel bars, it glistened like a particularly well looked after jewel in the cool night air.

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