Sunrise in Venice

It is true what they say about Venice.

The place is completely and utterly overrun with tourists.

Despite being there mid-week in low season, the streets crawled and heaved with people. Eager eyed visitors no longer move as individuals, but as one sweaty, shouting, selfie stick waving mass.

Moving through the main streets and Piazzas is tricky business and you’ll want to be sure you’ve got your pockets closed for fear of having them emptied for you.

There are of course side streets and quiet, hidden little canals. Restaurants off the beaten track and bubbles of peace to be found.

But if I had to give you one tip for your visit to Venice, it would be to wake up with the birds.

Leave your hotel bed just before sunrise and make your way down to St Mark’s Square.

Sunrise in Venice

You will have the entire city to yourself, with only the occasional street sweeper to nod good morning to.

Sunrise in Venice-2

Sunrise in Venice-3

You can watch as the city slowly comes into glittering life and glorious technicolor.

Sunrise in Venice-4

Sunrise in Venice-5


Sunrise in Venice-8

Gulls soar in the morning light, calling to each other and begging for scraps.

Sunrise in Venice-9

The empty and abandoned piazza floods with golden light.

Sunrise in Venice-11

It is one of the most surreal and wonderful experiences the world has to offer.

Sunrise in Venice-12

Your very own private tour of Venice, free of charge.

Sunrise in Venice-13

Sunrise in Venice-14

Sunrise in Venice-15


Cashmere sailor jumper // Silk shell trousers

Layered bangles

White + tan bag // Striped espadrilles

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Sunrise in Venice-17

Sunrise in Venice-18

Sunrise in Venice-19

St Mark’s Church is there to be marveled at in all its carved and colourful glory.

Sunrise in Venice-20

Though as time slips onward, you may not be the only ones in the Piazza for long…

Sunrise in Venice-21

Sunrise in Venice-22

Sunrise in Venice-23

Sunrise in Venice-24

Having gorged ourselves on enough of the sunrise, we set off on a stroll around Venice.

Which you’ll find is equipped with all of the essentials.

Sunrise in Venice-25

Sunrise in Venice-26

Sunrise in Venice-27

Over canals and through alleyways, getting as thoroughly lost as possible.

Sunrise in Venice-28

You haven’t truly been to Venice unless you’ve gotten lost in Venice.

And there’s always a friendly gondolier to help out with directions.

Sunrise in Venice-29

Sunrise in Venice-30

Sunrise in Venice-31

Sunrise in Venice-32

Sunrise in Venice-33

Sunrise in Venice-34

Eventually we found our way home to The Bauer for breakfast.

And sat on the terrace as we waited for our cappuccinos.

Sunrise in Venice-35

Drinking in the very last of the light.

Sunrise in Venice-36

Sunrise in Venice-37

Sunrise in Venice deserves a firm spot on your travel bucket list.

Make it happen.

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