Fair Verona

Two households, both alike in dignity,

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene…

Fair Verona-1

After Venice our real adventure began.

A road trip across northern Italy, with our first stop in Verona.

We piled out, eager to explore a new city. Especially as one as rich in history and culture as Verona.

The sun beamed down on us and we prowled the cobbled, tree lined streets.

Fair Verona-2

Pink checked dress

Sunglasses // Basket (similar)

Valentino sandalsHS versions

Fair Verona-3

Fair Verona-4

Verona’s pretty Italian architecture, muted ochre tones and lack of almost any traffic whatsoever makes it the most marvelous place to wander.

Fair Verona-5

Julia’s purple dress

Fair Verona-6

Fair Verona-7

Filled with pretty Juliette balconies (naturally) and painted shutters, it’s not difficult to fall in love with the place and get swept up in the romance.

Fair Verona-8

And those colours….

Fair Verona-9

Fair Verona-10

Fair Verona-1-2


We took a turn around much of the old parts of Verona, spiraling in towards Juliette’s House, somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit.

Fair Verona-12

Fair Verona-13

Fair Verona-14

Fair Verona-15

Tumbling out of a cobbled side street, we found ourselves in the main square -Piazza delle Erbe.

Fair Verona-16

^ Check out the frescos on the Mazzanti Houses.

Watched over by Madonna Verona.

Fair Verona-17

Atop the square’s oldest monument, the fountain.

Fair Verona-19

A cool, breezy spot to catch your breath in the rising heat.

Fair Verona-18

Fair Verona-20

Just around the corner we found the Cappelletti house, or Capulet if you will.

Here you can visit the balcony where Romeo would have pledged his love to Juliette.

Fair Verona-22

All around people leave love letters to their past, current or future soulmates.

Fair Verona-21

Unmarried visitors touch Juliette’s right breast for luck and to bring them the love of their life.

A statue of Juliette, that is. And not our Julia, that’d bring you a smack, not luck.

Fair Verona-23

We read as many of the notes as we could and stuck some of the fallen ones back up.

Fair Verona-24

Wished the lovers better luck than Romeo & Juliette found, and went on our way.

Fair Verona-26

Running into Dante himself, looking very serious and very sensibly protecting his breasts from visitors.

Fair Verona-25

We visited church after church, I just can’t resist these sights…

Fair Verona-27

And with aching feet, finally conceded that perhaps it was time for lunch.

Fair Verona-28

Which we found at Osteria Ponte Pietra (thanks to my chap, who suggested it).

Sitting on the edge of the Adige River, at the foot of a 2000 year old bridge (the Ponte Pietra).

Fair Verona-29

We took a table on the balcony, and celebrated our find with some Italian bubbles.

Fair Verona-30

And there we stayed for a beautifully leisurely lunch!

Fair Verona-31

Complete with some of the best olive oil I’ve ever tasted, which is not something I say lightly.

Fair Verona-32

A table filled with pasta and veggies to share.

Fair Verona-33

After which, Julia and I stretched out on the sofa with a cup of tea each, while the eager boys trotted up the hill to take some pictures!

Fair Verona-34

Castel San Pietro’s the spot you’ll want for a proper view of Verona in all its glory.

Fair Verona-35

If you really squint and peer very closely, you can probably see one pink and one purple dot, sitting on the terrace of the restaurant. That’s us!

When the boys finally came down from their castle, we settled up and set off again.

Fair Verona-37

Marching along the river’s edge and back to our trusty steeds.

Fair Verona-38

Fair Verona-39

Reenergised and excited for the next leg of our trip!

Fair Verona-40

More on that tomorrow.

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