Notting Hill Pastels

Nowhere does pretty little pastel houses like Notting Hill.

Winding streets flanked by sugared almond homes, from dinky little mews houses to stonking great town houses. It’s a veritable visual feast.

Perfect for any budding Instagram addicts out there.

Notting Hill pastels

Pounding the pavements in the most weather appropriate of shoes…

Denim n heels

But as lovely as a feast for the eyes is, it doesn’t quite hit the spot quite as well as a proper feast.

For the latter you’ll want to head to Egg Break.

Eggbreak Notting Hill-3

Sailing proudly atop a sea of pastels, it’s a corking little brunch spot.

It even has a pretty extensive juice menu, for those that way inclined.

Eggbreak Notting Hill-4

See? There’s charcoal and everything.

Eggbreak Notting Hill-5

And as we all know, a good healthy juice counter-balances any culinary indiscretions.


Eggbreak Notting Hill-6

A bit of a brunch marvel, and fab all day breakfast spot.

You would hope that a place called Egg Break wouldn’t disappoint on the egg front, and it doesn’t.

Eggbreak Notting Hill-7

In fact it offers up some of the finest yolk porn this side of the Atlantic.

Eggbreak Notting Hill-8

Avocado heaped on top of toasted, crunchy, chewy sourdough. Dripping with perfectly runny egg yolk, just begging to be mopped up.

Eggbreak Notting Hill-9

Eggbreak Notting Hill-10

Eggs benedict on potato hotcakes with…

…wait for it…

Sriracha *pause for effect*  hollandaise.

A game changer.

Eggbreak Notting Hill-11

Crunchy french toast, stuffed with banana and rolled in cornflakes for the crunch.

I told you this place doesn’t mess around!

Eggbreak Notting Hill-12

And the pièce de résistance… the McMuffin.

Eggbreak Notting Hill-13

Sausage, egg, cheese, muffin.

Or, order a Rosie McMuffin and have it with sausage, egg, cheese, avocado, bacon & siriacha.

Eggbreak Notting Hill-14


Eggbreak Notting Hill-15

Breakfast really doesn’t get much better.

Eggbreak Notting Hill-16

Pandora rose ring // Silver May rose ring

Perfect fuel for tackling those April showers, and taking it all in your stride with a satisfied grin.

Pastel houses

Baby blue jumper (SO soft, total bargain) // Pink shirt (sold out, similar)

Blue jeans // Pink shoes

Chanel bag (find a bargain)

Notting Hill's pastel houses - even pretty in the rain!

Find Egg Break here, near Notting Hill Gate tube station. Opening times here.

It’s eggcellent, you’ll love it. Wander the local area, shoot your little Instagram heart out, and if you have that McMuffin, tag me! Or put it on my Facebook so I can share in your daybreak glory.

Happy snapping!

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