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Sorry it’s taken me a little while to get around to this!

I know you guys are hungry for beauty buys but I really like to put things through their paces before recommending anything.

Spring seems as good of a time as any for a little beauty cabinet refresh, so how about a little run down of the bits I couldn’t live without?

Well, I probably could… but I’d be a hideous ogre, so best not.

Beauty -1

First up, skincare.

(I actually wrote this post with Skincare, Fragrance & Makeup all in one… but it would have taken you a day to read, so I’m going to split it into separate, manageable posts!)

Beauty -12

Wow, way off with the focusing there ^. Let’s just gloss over that and pretend the bit I wanted you to read was “Removes Makeup”.

Because it does!

Like a dream.

Splash a little water onto your face, pump some of this onto your fingertips. Close your eyes and very gently massage over the top, taking care to gently tub any mascara away from your lashes.

It takes a bit of getting used to but removes even the most stubborn of waterproof eye makeup without any wrinkle inducing tugging.

Splash clean with warm water and you’ll have bright clear eyes!

Ideal for anyone who hates taking their makeup off in the evening (me).

Buy it online here, I’ve never seen it in stores.

Beauty -11

While we’re getting cleaned up, a gorgeously satisfying body scrub from Jo Malone.

It smells divine and leaves you with the healthiest glow.

Find it here in the UK, here in the US.

Beauty -4

Followed by a good rubdown of shower oil. Smother yourself in it, rinse lightly then hop out.

Beautifully supple, gently scented, not-greasy, shower fresh you.

Online here in the UK, US here.

Beauty -9

This is my favourite facial scrub. Not too harsh, not too soft.

Use it once a week to feel fresh, glowy and deeply clean.

Find it here.

Beauty -6

Skin laundry to wash away the grim of the day, and any facial makeup.

Doesn’t dry you out or irritate my skin at all.

Online here.

Beauty -10

ByTerry rose serum.

There are no words for my obsession with this stuff. So light and refreshing, it just glides on and feels incredible.

Cool to the touch, not creamy or clogging. I swear it’s taken 5 years off my skin.

Online here.

Beauty -8

Midnight recovery concentrate for when you need a little extra umph.

Put it on after cleansing at night, or on an aeroplane, and let it work its magic while you catch some Zs.

Great if you’re hungover and need to repair your grey complection.

Online here.

Beauty -5

For general day wear you really can’t go wrong with EL’s Daywear day cream.

Light and cooling, it smells like fresh cucumber. Inexpensive and really very, very good.

If you’re in your mid-late twenties, early thirties and are looking for a good facecream and don’t know where to start, I’d recommend this one.

Find it here in UK, here in US.

Beauty -7

Caudalie’s beauty elixir is a lovely little afternoon pick-me-up.

Keep it in your handbag and spritz over your face when you’re feeling tired, a bit sluggish and not terribly gorgeous.

The scent alone is enough to perk you up!

Online here.

Beauty -13

Now I’m relatively new to the world of sheet masks, but these are pretty bloody fab!

Filled with all sorts of magical ingredients, pushed into your skin with a coconut based membrane (similar to what’s used on burn victims) to make sure you soak it all up.

Leave it on for 15-20mins, wander around the house looking like a masked psychopath, take a few selfies, open the door to the delivery man who’ll take a leap backwards, and you’re done!

All glossed up and ready to walk the red carpet.

(Or you could chill in the bath, if that’s your thing.)

Online here.

Beauty -3

If you’re looking for a somewhat smaller commitment, try these Stress Relief Eye Masks from Estee.

Pop them under each eye for a soothing, plumping, revitalizing treat.

Online here in UK (free delivery), US here, pop in your bag for a flight.

Beauty -2

Glossier balm for everything.

Lips, skin, bumps, stings, bruises. It’s total witchcraft, with better packaging.

Online here.

Next time I’ll run you through fragrance and warpaint. In the meantime, have a glorious weekend. Take some time to spoil yourself and your skin.

You can thank me on Monday when you leave the house feeling like a million bucks!

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