Sunday Lunch at The Manor

With the exception of the occasional squall, the grey of winter seems to be well and truly behind us.

Strolling out for a relaxed Sunday lunch has become a bit of a treat again.

Blossom is beginning to burst, couples stroll arm in arm through sun filled streets, London is slowly coming back to life.

The Manor Clapham-1

Jackets replace heavy coats and pops of spring colour seem determined to leap from your wardrobe and be seen on the streets again.

The Manor Clapham-2

Striped jacket (half price, lots of sizes left! More here) // Blue bow shirt

Comfiest jeans in the world

The Manor Clapham-3

Lemon print handbag

The Manor Clapham-4

Lace up shoes (cheapies – also in black)

Nothing shortens a week like planning a Sunday with friends in advance.

Nothing cements those plans like making a booking.

And I have just the place for your next Sunday lunch in London.

The Manor Clapham-5

The Manor.

An unassuming little place in Clapham.

My little brother lived in Clapham for ages and I never visited him, had I known about this place I might have made the trip more often!

The Manor Clapham-6

We took a table out back, in a rustic sort of room with higgledy piggledy furniture, bare brick walls and light flooding in from skylights above.

The menus arrived with bread, fresh out of the oven and cold, crisp sparkling wine.

The Manor Clapham-7

A butter described only as “savory” was perfect for dunking torn pieces of exceptionally fluffy, warm bread into.

The Manor Clapham-8

Crumbs flew all over and we knew to expect something special.

If a restaurant does good bread, you’re in for a treat.

And anywhere that names their cocktails with puns like “Barley Legal” is ok by me.

The Manor Clapham-9

You can choose between the tasting menu (a reasonable £45) or a la carte.

We opted for a good range of dishes from the carte.

The Manor Clapham-10

The Manor Clapham-11

Venison tartar.

Tastier than the traditional beef tartar, meatier and dressed in the most delicious salty, rich sauce.

The Manor Clapham-12

Cornish crab, Jerusalem artichokes & sea purslane.

A taste of Cornwall. Just beautiful.

The Manor Clapham-13

Crispy chicken skins, kimchi & BBQ sauce.

Crispy and soft, all at once. Unlike any chicken skin I’ve ever encountered, almost like very light pork belly strips, but less fatty.

We licked the plate clean!

The Manor Clapham-14

Venison, juniper & black pepper salum.

Soft, rich, not in the slightest bit gristly. Perfect little nibbles.

The Manor Clapham-15

The Raspberry Crusta turned out to be my tipple of choice.

Remy Martin V.S.O.P., Chase raspberry, maraschino & lemon.

The Manor Clapham-16

Our veggie choices arrived at once.

The Manor Clapham-17

BBQ cauliflower, Romanesco, dulse & kefir.

I’ve become something of a cauliflower fiend, and this was pretty special.

The Manor Clapham-18

Charred leeks, caramelized Comte & wild garlic.

A marvelous taste of spring.

The Manor Clapham-19

Fish next.

‘Willy’s’ mackerel, BBQ kohlrabi, rhubarb & oats.

A taste of my childhood; we’d catch mackerel from Welsh fishing boats and fry them up on the beach. All wrapped in towels, sitting around the crackling camp fire with blue lips curved into excited grins.

Well, this was the grown up, fancier version.

The Manor Clapham-20

“Lady Hamilton” smoked cod, cultured cream, new potatoes & sorrel.

A work of art, almost too pretty to eat.


The Manor Clapham-21

Hay smoked pigeon, grains, parsnips, cavolo nero & sloe berry.

Cooked very, very rare and served with clutched claw.

Not for the faint hearted.

The Manor Clapham-22

Daphne’s lamb, goat’s curd, roasted swede & charred herb dressing.

Delicious and beautifully pink.

The Manor Clapham-23

All polished off with baked Vacherin, The Dairy’s rooftop honey & chestnuts.

The Manor Clapham-24

A beautiful, balanced, perfectly flavoured meal, served by the most charming of staff.

The Manor has earned its place on my Sunday lunch list and I’ll certainly be taking lots of friends back.

They’re open during the week too, but check the opening times.

And book a table. There’s an option for big parties, too.

The Manor Clapham-25

All fueled up and ready for a Sunday stroll through our newly revived city.

The Manor Clapham-26

London is risen!

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