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For my final recipe of Easter Week…

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Cream Egg Slutty Brownies - Cookie dough, oreos, brownie and cream eggs! OMG!

Potentially my most despicable recipe yet.

When I created Slutty Brownies all those years ago, I could never have dreamed of the monster they would become.

A layer of soft cookie dough, topped with Oreos, topped with brownies, and now… topped with gooey Creme Eggs.

Why are they “Slutty”?

Because they’re oh so easy and completely and utterly filthy.

Cream Egg Slutty Brownies-15

^ Money shot.

Eat them warm, when they’re still gooey. Prepare yourself for utter bliss.

Cream Egg Slutty Brownies-16

(Followed by a sugar coma on the sofa.)

You’ll need the following ingredients:

Cream Egg Slutty Brownies-1

2 packs of cheats cookie mix

1 box of cheats brownie mix

1 pack of Oreos

6 creme eggs

Real eggs (check quantities on your mixes, they all vary)

Vegetable oil (as above)

Water (as above)

1 roll of grease proof paper

baking tray (mine’s about 7x5in)

Pre-heat your oven to 350F, 180C. Mix up your cookie dough, following box instructions + extra tbsp of water.

Cookie dough

Line your baking tray with paper, smooth dough across bottom.

Cream Egg Slutty Brownies-3

Layer with Oreos.

Cream Egg Slutty Brownies-4

Cream Egg Slutty Brownies-5

Eat any that are left over.

Mix up your brownie batter (according to box) then pour over top.

Cream Egg Slutty Brownies-7

Halve your creme eggs, length ways with a sharp knife.

Cadbury's Cream Egg Centre

Place into brownie batter.

Cream Egg Slutty Brownies - Slutty Brownies just got naughtier!

Don’t worry about them being perfect.

Perfection is for people with no imagination.

Cream Egg Slutty Brownies - Slutty Brownies just got even naughtier!

Place into the middle of your oven and bake for 45mins (for gooey) or 1hr (for set brownies).

Cream Egg Slutty Brownies baking in the oven

When they’re done, place on side to cool.

Cream Egg Slutty Brownies - An Easter MUST!

Admire your wicked handiwork!

Make everyone's Easter with these Cream Egg Slutty Brownies!

After 10mins or so, carefully lift the whole thing out, using the paper.

Slutty Brownie layers

Slice into squares and serve with hot tea or cold milk.

Cream Egg Slutty Brownies-18

Use a fork to mine your way through those incredible layers of unadulterated pleasure.

Cream Egg Slutty Brownies-17

Happy Easter and here’s to a very Slutty weekend!

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