Grill My Cheese

There are times in life when you want nothing more than a good grilled cheese sandwich.

When those spring showers set in, there’s nothing like a toasty to make you feel all toasty again.

And boy oh boy, do I have a place for you to try!

Grill My Cheese London-1

Mac ‘n’ Cheese grilled cheese?

Yes please!

Grill My Cheese London-2

Yellow rain coat (get a size up) // Blue jumper // Blue scarf

Grill My Cheese is the little street-food stall taking London by storm.

And not just because of their imaginatively names sarnies.

Grill My Cheese London-3

All the ingredients are made from scratch, including their cheese – specially formulated to melt like a dream.

Grill My Cheese London-12

The combos on offer are quite simply mouth watering.

Grill My Cheese London-4

Grill My Cheese London-5

Grill My Cheese London-6





^ Sorry about that, I just had to clean dribble off the keyboard.

You choose your combo (the menu changes all the time) and they build it for you, then stick it on the grill to goo.

Grill My Cheese London-7

Grill My Cheese London-8

My special of choice?

The PB’n’J.

Grill My Cheese London-9

Sourdough, peanut butter, bacon, chili jam and cheeeeesseeee.

Grill My Cheese London-10


Grill My Cheese London-11

Though naturally I needed something to keep me going while it cooked.

Say hello to my little friend.

Grill My Cheese London-13

Proper, school dinner style mac ‘n’ cheese, toasted in a hot ‘n’ melty sandwich.

Double the carbs, double the fun.

All topped off with ‘pudding’, in the form of my PB’n’J.

Grill My Cheese London-14

Perfectly squeezable, gooey, sticky, crazy, messy and delicious.

Grill My Cheese London-15

Just like me.

Find them on Leather Lane Market (nearish to Clerkenwell Road) every Tue-Fri from 12pm-2pm, or hire them for a private event (which you are honor bound to invite me to now).

They’re so gouda, I know you’ll love ’em!

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