Le Bab, Soho

Very little gives more pleasure than finding a new restaurant that I just can’t wait to tell everyone about.

Firstly: I get to eat something delicious. Something that has me reaching for a second mouthful before I finish my first, while simultaneously mumbling “oh my god!”

Secondly: A pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled.

So if you find yourself walking through Soho, as I did one sunny lunch time, I have a little tip for you.

Classic black n blue styling

Blue scarf // Black trench coat

Fringe handbag

Skinny jeans // Over The Knee boots

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Pop into Kingly Court, just off Carnaby St. and climb up to the top deck.

Le Bab, Soho -3

Le Bab, Soho -4

Up at the top, beneath the glowing white canopy, you’ll find Le Bab.

Le Bab, Soho -5

A posh kebab shop set up by chefs trained in Michellin starred kitchens, who packed it all in for a kebab van, and have now made a real home in Soho.

A home that screams hashtag interiors goalz.

Le Bab, Soho -6

Blue & white tiles, marble tables, bistro chairs, copper accents; if we were playing Pinterest Bingo I would have just won.

Le Bab, Soho -7

We popped in for lunch and kicked off with a couple of pomegranate virgin mojitos.

Le Bab, Soho -8

Silver May Sparkler Ring

Starving, we ordered all of the starters.

Le Bab, Soho -9

Lokma doughnut with spiced chicken liver parfait. Maftoul risotto with roast carrot, chipotle beurre noisette, barrel aged feta. Meatlafel with tzatziki.

I have to say I wasn’t expecting the world, but was totally blown away by each and every one of the starters.

Le Bab, Soho -10

The caramel glazed doughnuts concealed a rich, savory filling.

Le Bab, Soho -11

While the risotto was just so light but still creamy and deeply satisfying.

The most unusual mix of flavors and textures, I really can’t recommend the dish enough.

The meatlafel was perfectly spiced and very morish.

Next we moved onto the main event(s)… the babs!

Le Bab, Soho -12

Le Bab, Soho -13

Free range pork shawarma; Winter salad, burnt quince puree, crackling, pork aioli, zhoug.

An Autumn bonfire in a kebab.


Le Bab, Soho -14

Corn fed chicken shish; Squash hummus, season’s pickles, chicken crackling, Le ‘Bab toum, biber, heritage carrot tops.

My favourite of the bunch. Spicy with a good balance of flavours and textures.


Le Bab, Soho -15

Roe Deer Adana; Cavolo nero kimchi, Jerusalem artichoke crisps, damson & chilli jam, game mayo, fried cavolo nero stem pickle.

Spectacularly meaty!


Le Bab, Soho -16

Obligatory salad.

Le Bab, Soho -17

Fondue fries!

I know.

Le Bab, Soho -20

Paneer; BBQ paneer, beetroot puree, crispy onion, charred beetroot stem, curry mayo.

A veggie option, delicious with its mix of textures and added crunch from crispy onions.

Totally stuffed we didn’t bother with pudding.

We went on a weekday and the place was deserted, which is a shame because it really deserves a line out the door.

One to pop on your list for your next Soho jaunt. Half of the restaurant is bookable, the other half is free for walk ins. Check out the website here.

If you don’t leave stuffed and smiling like the cat who got the cream, I’ll eat my hat.


Le Bab, Soho -21

Le Bab, Soho -2

Perfect sunny afternoon in Soho fuel.

Think you’ll give it a go?

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