Sparkle All The Way

Strolling out to collect my Christmas wreath seems to have become a bit of a tradition.

I know that Christmas is really all about trees, and I love that!

But lugging a Christmas tree up the endless flights of stairs to my apartment is not an idea I relish.

Especially in these shoes!

Camel coat jeans and heels

But a Christmas wreath?

A perfect, festive, pine scented, beautiful creation to spruce the place up?

Well, that sounds right up our street, doesn’t it Custard?

Feeling festive in Notting Hill

Festive Red Scarf and Red Prada

So every year, we wind our way through Notting Hill’s streets, past the giant white houses, all adorned with their own wreaths and the occasional tree glistening in the windows, all the way to Wild at Heart.

Festive Florist Wild At Heart Notting Hill

Where together we choose our wreath!

Festive Florist Notting Hill

Rose Gold Leaf Ring

Red Roses Notting Hill

Pink Roses Notting Hill

Cute Dog in Red Knitted Scarf

Custard spied the style we wanted and we waited as they artfully created one and brought it to life.

Red Berries Christmas Wreath

Leaving us to wait amongst the roses.

Christmas Jumper and Flowers in Notting Hill

Sparkling all the way!

Camel Coat and Florist in Notting Hill

Eucalyptus and Silver Leaves Ring

Powder Pink Roses

Red Embroidered Heels

Rose Gold Leaf Ring and Silver Rose Ring

Feather ring

Rose ring

Crossover ring

Pink and Orange Roses in Notting Hill

Silver Stars Ring

Shimmering Leaves Ring

Star band

Festive Red Scarf and Prada Red Bag

Festive Red Prada Bag

Camel coat (a total bargain! Comes in 4 colours) // Bandana scarf

Soft Christmas jumper

Sculpting” skinny jeans

Red Prada tote // Red shoes

Custard’s scarf

Festive Red Scarf and Silver Rose Ring

Sparkle Cosy Christmas Jumper

Finally we got word that our Christmas treat was ready, and we could take it home.

Christmas Wreath Shopping in Notting Hill

Much to Custard’s delight, who hates waiting for anything.

Especially breakfast.

Which he’d already had, but likes to forget incase I do too, and feed him again.

Festive Red Scarf and Camel Coat

Red Berries and Pine Cone Christmas Wreath

I picked up my beauty, popped around the corner for an Ottolenghi hot chocolate (’tis the season).

Christmas Wreath and Coffee in Notting Hill

Red Berry Christmas Wreath

Finally set for Christmas!

Festive Hot Chocolate in Notting Hill

Sparkling in my Pandora pieces.

I adore the delicate designs. They’re all so different, but go together so exquisitely.

Red Nails and Hot Chocolate

Silver Rings and Red Nails

I couldn’t be prouder to be working with a brand I’ve admired since I was little.

All of the compliments that come with wearing the jewels don’t hurt, either!

Silver Rose Ring and Festive Red Nails

Piled up with Christmas cheer, we waltzed home to hang our new wreath.

Christmas Shopping in Notting Hill

No sooner had we stepped through the door, than the place was filled with the smell of pines.

I tore open a clementine, lit the candles, popped a bit of Nat King Cole on and we danced in the kitchen.

Wallowing in our own little winter wonderland!

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