Red Rain Boots

I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pristine pair of wellies in my life.

Growing up in the country it’s not really allowed. When you open a box of boots in the countryside, I’m pretty sure they arrive with a layer of mud and clods of earth stuck to the bottom.

Which is fine, because that’s what wellies are for!

Or so I thought.

But after a couple of wet winters in London, trudging into work with wet toes, cold feet and ruined shoes, I went back to my rubber roots.

Red boots and fallen leaves

Rediscovering the love of wellies, though they may never even see mud.

But they will keep toes nice and toasty!

Red and navy casuals

Whatever the British weather throws at us!

Red boots and a navy peacoat

Cosy casuals

Red Hunter boots

I got these racing red beauties half price (if there are two things I can’t resist it’s red and a discount) online here.

I’ve popped a few more half price ones below:

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(use the arrows)

Though if you’re based in the US, try these:

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Pea coat details

Teamed with a Pea Coat with silver buttons.

Bandana scarf

The softest of all scarves, in bandana print and a striped cashmere jumper.

Layered cut

Even Mr Custard can’t resist the allure of new boots…

Rain boots and puppies!

Best friends

Mulberry Collar and Lead

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Happy dog in the leaves

All set for a walk between rainclouds.

Stripes and red, classic combo

Though when the wind howls and whistles through the streets of London, you’d better hold on tight!

Floating away!

Or you’ll be blown away before you can say “walkies!”

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