Bottomless Japanese Brunch

Autumn weekends were made for kicking leaves and eating.

The gentle *crunch crunch* of crisp leaves underfoot should occasionally be replaced by the gentle *crunch crunch* of you devouring something delicious.

And this Sunday we did just that.

Pretty printed dress with over the knee boots

Lapping up a little Autumn sunshine on the way to brunch.

Dress, boots and shearling jacket for Autumn

Printed cotton dress

Over the knee boots (popped some more wallet friendly versions below)

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Brunette waves

The softest reversible gilet

Printed dress and cosy vest

Silver May Bee Rings // Trinity Bangles

Nail colour // Lip colour (neutral rose)

Cosy close up

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British Squirrel

Having had quite enough of a walk, we raced off to grab a bite.

Racing squirrel!

^ He did too.

We popped over to Marylebone to try out Kurobuta‘s new bottomless brunch.

Where you’re greeted with cocktails the second you sit down!

Green cocktails

You’re then free to do your very worst at the buffet, all set up on the bar.

Sizzling steak

Sizzling steak, fried chicken, sushi, sashimi, build-your-own-ramen, it’s all there.

Fried chicken


All you can eat sushi, London

Brunch in London-14

Brunch in London-15

Brunch in London-16

Brunch in London-17

The sashimi pizzas with wasabi tobiko are by far the best sushi option, if you ask me.

So stock up on those!

Brunch in London-18

We went slightly off menu, ordering our usual cocktails rather than the one on offer.

If you don’t mind stretching the budget a little, I highly recommend the Green Bastard.

Brunch in London-19

The fried chicken with siracha mayo is just as naughty as you might hope.

But the real winners are the pork belly buns.

Kurobuta pork buns

Slathered in sticky peanut sauce.

Pork buns with sticky peanut sauce

Sticky pork buns

Brunch in London-23

Brunch in London-24

Rich, salty, sweet, spicy, pillowy soft and very, very moreish.

Brunch in London-25

Seabass at Kurabuta

Chilli seabass, in place of black cod.

Brunch in London-27

And a beautiful pudding platter to polish you off.

Brunch in London-28

Complete with the world’s greatest cake.

Pistachio chocolate forrest cake.

Brunch in London-29

A sort of soft, moist almond/pistachio creation, sandwiching a thick, creamy chocolate filling.

Served with iced fruit.

Brunch in London-30

And mochi ice cream balls.

Brunch in London-31

All you can eat brunch, bottomless booze and cracking live music, every Saturday & Sunday.

£35-£45 per person (depends whether you want the pork belly buns, which you definitely do. So let’s say £45.)

Find them: Kurobuta Marble Arch, 17-20 Kendal St, W2 2AW

Reserve: 0207 920 6440

Should you get all your favourites together and book a table this weekend?

nodding gif

Yes, yes you should!

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