The Calm Between Storms, NYC

My thinking on Fashion Week is that if you’re interested in the shows, you’ll either go to them, watch a live stream, or look them up the second they finish and the guests tumble out into the street.

So, I think you might feel as I do… that the in-between bits are actually the best bits.

Racing around a bustling metropolis, trying to get to shows on time, catching up with old (and new) friends, and experiencing all the food you possibly can.

The stuff the fabulously glamorous, extraordinarily busy magazine editors don’t get to savour? That’s what I choose to write about.

With a belly filled with bagels from another early morning forage, I raced off to shows.

New York in September-1

Getting caught in a tangle of Street Style photographers in the financial district, which played host to Mrs Beckham’s collection, I couldn’t resist showing what this dress could do!

New York in September-2

Matthew Williamson dress // HS version

(something you can add a collar to for Autumn, and pair with cosy boots)

Long wishing star necklace

Suede bag // Suede boots

Golden sunnies

Our next stop was The Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe, in the West Village.

New York in September-3

On a sunny weekend, you might have to wait a little while for a table, but it’s well worth it.

New York in September-4

Especially for their oddly phallic cappuccino art.

Lucy and I grabbed a table behind a white picket fence and settled in for a good catch up.

New York in September-5

New York in September-6

New York in September-7

The drinks are good, but the food is what really makes this place shine!

New York in September-8

New York in September-9

My avo toast with feta, poached egg and bacon, and my fella’s pancakes really stole the show.

New York in September-10

We all shared and stuffed ourselves silly, ordering a few more rounds of coffees and green juices as we went.

Before saying our thankyous, goodbyes and heading off into The Village.

New York in September-11

New York in September-12

New York in September-13

This is probably my favourite part of New York.

The redbrick houses, huge shady trees and towering steps leading to pretty painted doors.

New York in September-14

The shops are rather lovely too!

New York in September-15

Lucy’s Top

Bag // Shorts

Black booties

New York in September-16

New York in September-17

Later we raced around to a couple of shows, the most exciting being DVF, where we went for a sneak peek backstage.

New York in September-18

New York in September-19

Here, in a cloud of powder and hairspray, we watched elegant creatures being prepped for the runway.

New York in September-20

New York in September-21

The whole place pulsed with excited, hurried energy as the artists rushed to finish their masterpieces.

New York in September-22

New York in September-23

New York in September-25

New York in September-26

New York in September-28

Among a few others, I’m reading Diane Von Furstenburg’s autobiography at the moment.

In it she talks of beauty and learning to fall in love with her looks, in particular her wild, curly hair.

It was particularly special to see that she had decided to model all of her girls after her own look for this season. Tresemme hairstylists pinned their locks into tight, tight curls…

New York in September-27

And loosened them with a quick brush before showtime.

New York in September-24

The result?

Fabulous, volume stuffed hair, with a natural looking curl and just a hint of natural looking frizz.

New York in September-29

I know more than a few ladies who’ll be thrilled to hear that curly frizzy hair is in! (Myself included.)

Next I was whizzed through to wardrobe, where I got up close and personal with the new collection, before being shepherded through to my seat for the show.

I lusted after each and every look and left with this song (the finalé song) stuck firmly in my head.

New York in September-30

We made our way back to The West Village to meet friends, and spent the rest of the evening drinking cocktails in the warmth of early Autumn.

I fall deeper and deeper into my love affair with New York every time I visit!

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