{Low Carb} Pumpkin & Sage Courgetti

I know you love a good spiralizer recipe!

How could you not?

Swapping out a heavy, bloating dish for a lighter option that feels equally indulgent, just as comforting and packs more oomph in the flavour department?

It’s a no brainer.

This may just be my favourite one yet!

Low carb pumpkin sage courgetti recipe-1

Unlike lots of courgetti recipes, this is served hot.

The rich, creamy, sweet, salty sauce is like an Autumnal hug in a bowl and the crumbled goat’s cheese will just send you over the edge into utter bliss.

Low carb pumpkin sage courgetti recipe-2

Pumpkins and squashes are just coming into their glorious season, so you’ll have lots of opportunities to whip this up!

Who can possibly resist a grocer’s wall filled with these babies?

Low carb pumpkin sage courgetti recipe-3

To serve two you’ll need:

1 smallish pumpkin/squash

4 large garlic cloves

Handful of sage

Olive oil

Salt + pepper

2tbsp cream

1/2 cup of veg stock

4 large courgettes

Chunk of soft goat’s cheese

Equipment: Baking tray, spiralizer (I like this one)

Pre-heat your oven to 180C/350F. Slice open your pumpkin, scoop out the guts, slice up the flesh and lay into a baking tray.

Add your garlic (unpeeled), sage leaves, drizzle with olive oil and dust with salt ‘n’ pepper.

Low carb pumpkin sage courgetti recipe-4

Roast on the middle shelf for an hour.

Low carb pumpkin sage courgetti recipe-5

Remove and leave to cool down a little. While it’s cooling, spiralize your courgettes.

When you can, carefully peel away the pumpkin skins. Feel free to nibble on the caramelised bits, chef’s treat!

Using the back of a spoon, squeeze the roasted garlic from its shell.

Low carb pumpkin sage courgetti recipe-6

Get rid of the garlic and pumpkin skins.

Now you need to pureé what’s left. Use a blender, a processor, a kitchen aid or just beat the hell out of it with a wooden spoon! Stir in your cream and veg stock and put back into your baking tray.

Pop this onto the hob on a low heat to warm up.

Low carb pumpkin sage courgetti recipe-7

Keep stirring until it’s piping hot.

Add your courgetti/coodles/zoodles.

Low carb pumpkin sage courgetti recipe-8

Stir them into the sauce and keep it all moving around until it’s hot throughout.

It shouldn’t take more than 5mins, you want to keep a little bite in the “pasta”.

Pile onto a plate and crumble a little goat’s cheese over the top.

Low carb pumpkin sage courgetti recipe-9

Light some candles, cosy up and serve with a glass of something special.

Low carb pumpkin sage courgetti recipe-10

Pumpkins still have a few carbs in there, but unlike pasta they’re packed with a load of good stuff too. All of the comforting joy of a bowl of creamy pasta, with none of the groaning regret!

If you’re new to the spiralizing club, try some of my other recipes and make sure you send me a pic update of how you get on.

Trust me, you have goat to try this one!

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