A Suit To Travel In

Last week raced by in a flash!

One morning I was waking up for early meetings in London, the next I was hitting the streets of Manhattan trying to flag down a cab.

Paul Smith Suit

From black taxis to yellow ones, in one little blue suit.

Paul Smith Suit-2

Paul Smith Suit-3

Paul Smith Suit-4

I’m so thrilled to be working with a Great British brand like Paul Smith on the launch of their sensational “Suit To Travel In”.

A light, wool suit that doesn’t crinkle or crease and lets water roll right off its back.

Specially made for men and women on the move!

Paul Smith Suit-5

Paul Smith Suit-6

The damson lining and pop of colour under the collar means you can take it from boardroom to bar.

Paul Smith Suit-7

Paul Smith Suit-8

Navy jacket // Navy trousers // (Similar) cami

Black heels // Gold necklace // Gold cuff (50% off)

Paul Smith Suit-9

After morning meetings I headed home, grabbed the bags and got set to race over to Heathrow.

Paul Smith Suit-11

Big suitcase // Little’un

Leather holdall // Leather tote

Slipping on a pair of flats, for the flight.

Paul Smith Suit-12

I popped the jacket into the overhead locker, snoozed my way across The Atlantic, and arrived in a surprisingly un-crumpled, utterly comfy, snazzily dressed state!

Crawled at a snail’s pace through immigration, hot-footed it to my hotel to drop the bags.

Paul Smith Suit-13

Checked out the pretty stellar view of The Big Apple!

Paul Smith Suit-14

Paul Smith Suit-15

And raced out into the start of New York Fashion Week!

Paul Smith Suit-16

Paul Smith Suit-17

Paul Smith Suit-18

Feelin’ pretty swish!


Paul Smith Suit-20

Paul Smith Suit-21

Paul Smith Suit-22

Paul Smith Suit-23

We hopped into a cab and made our way down the rabbit hole, into the surreal world of high fashion.

Paul Smith Suit-24

Where the guests are often even more fascinating than the shows themselves.

Paul Smith Suit-25

Paul Smith Suit-26

Paul Smith Suit-27

^ #Friendshipgoals

Paul Smith Suit-28

Chromat specialise in “Structural Experiments for The Human Body”, but are especially worth writing home about for their use of gorgeous, diverse models.

You’ll see what I mean.

Paul Smith Suit-29



Paul Smith Suit-32

Paul Smith Suit-33

Paul Smith Suit-34

Paul Smith Suit-35

Gorgeous creature after gorgeous creature stomped their way along the runway, as the crowd watched on, spellbound.

Paul Smith Suit-36

Paul Smith Suit-37

Paul Smith Suit-38

Paul Smith Suit-39

Paul Smith Suit-40

Paul Smith Suit-41

After the show we all headed out to drinks, where the world and his wife admired my little blue suit.

Cementing it as my new wardrobe staple!

24hours, two continents and still not a crumpled mess? I think it’s fair to say I put it through its paces.

Ladies, get yours online here, chaps find yours here.

Lots more snaps from The Big Apple to come!

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