Egg Shop, New York

One final post from New York City, and rather predictably, it’s a new brunch place for you to check out!

But trust me when I say I’ve saved the best ’til last.

Is this the best brunch in New York? Well, it’s certainly my new No.1.

Let’s take a stroll over, shall we?

Breakfast in New York-1

All over the combo of sweaterdresses and boots this Autumn!

Iris & Ink tunic (with cheeky little thigh split)

Forest green boots // Forest green bag

Breakfast in New York-2

You’ll find Egg Shop on the same junction as Black Seed Bagels and The Butcher’s Daughter.

Which is handy, because if you can’t get into one, you can always squeeze into one of the others.

Breakfast in New York-3

The place is small but perfectly formed.

Breakfast in New York-4

Breakfast in New York-5

Breakfast in New York-6

Utterly flooded with light, it’s an Instagrammer’s paradise!

Breakfast in New York-7

Mirrored sunnies // Acorn & oak leaf necklace

Trinity bangles

Breakfast in New York-8

Breakfast in New York-9

Obviously we over-ordered.

There was just too much goodness to choose from!

Breakfast in New York-10

On the left there, Eggs Benedict in a bowl. Rather than a towering stack, a chopped up, manageable bowl of poached eggs, bacon, muffin (GF), all drizzled in a much lighter, fresher alternative to Hollandaise; Meyer lemon cintronette.

Breakfast in New York-11

The best egg sandwich I have ever experienced. The softest, chewy almost brioche/pretzel like bread bun with oozing egg yolk, black forest bacon, tomato jam, pickled jalapeño and melting cheddar.

Breakfast in New York-12

Breakfast in New York-13

Smashed avocado on brown toast with sliced heirloom toms and a burst egg.

Breakfast in New York-14

The special of the day. My fingers are aching to reach into the screen and grab it as I write!

Crunchy French bread, Italian ham, pecorino cheese, ricotta cheese, eggs, cilantro, chilli & pesto.

A symphony of rich flavours coming together with zingy fresh ones. So much more than an egg sandwich.

Breakfast in New York-15

Cappuccinos for him, iced lattes for me.

Proper New York fuel!


Breakfast in New York-17

If you’ve been lusting after a pair of OTK boots for a while, I’ve found you a few options.

It’s worth mentioning that I’ve worn these SW numbers season after season, in wind, rain and snow. They still slip on like silk, don’t need any hiking up during the day, keep me warm, and having been thoroughly sprayed in this stuff, show almost no signs of wear & tear.

But they are an investment. I’ll wear them for years, so think they’re worth the price tag.

If you’re not quite ready to make such a commitment, I’ve popped some budget friendlier options below.


(Use the arrows)


Breakfast in New York-18

These boots were definitely made for walking, and that’s just what they did.

Soaking up the last couple of days in one of my most treasured cities.

Breakfast in New York-19

You could spend a lifetime combing New York and still never see it all.

Breakfast in New York-20

But I’m going to give it a good go!

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