Forget Your Wallet

I’m not really a cash girl.

I always worry about losing notes, having pockets full of change and what on earth to do with loose coppers swimming around the bottom of my handbag.

Whenever possible I pay by card and that way I find out what I’m spending and where, at the end of every month.

I’d never really questioned this process, until recently.

bPay asked if we could work together around the launch of their new collection of gadgets; heralded as the future of payments. They said they would make my life easier and paying for those little things, a total breeze.

You know me, if something makes my life easier, I’m in!

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks putting bPay through its paces.

barclays bpay-5

If all this bPay chat is getting a little confusing, allow me to explain.

You can choose between three gadgets (and who doesn’t love a new gadget?!)

A wristband.

A key fob.

A sticker.

Keep any of the above on your person and step into the future, my friend.

When you want to pay for something like a coffee, a slice, a manicure, a magazine, anything up to £20 (for now, this will go up later in the year) you just tap it on the card machine, and you’re done!

No scrabbling about in your bag or rifling through your wallet required.

barclays bpay-4

It’s been especially handy for when Custard and I want to escape the house for some caffeine, sunshine and a little wifi.

barclays bpay-2

I leave my bag at home, pop my laptop under my arm, and we’re all set.

barclays bpay-3

Denim shirt // Jeans // Sneakers (half price!) or these beauties (heart eyed emoji)

Specs // Sunnies

Key fob

barclays bpay-7

It’s safe to say I like it a latte.

barclays bpay-6

For morning walkies, I slip on the wristband.

barclays bpay-8

barclays bpay-9

It’s barely noticeable and incredibly lightweight.

barclays bpay-10

Perfect for those hardcore, serious workouts I love so much.

My trainer really puts me to work…

barclays bpay-11

barclays bpay-12

barclays bpay-13

barclays bpay-14

barclays bpay-15

I don’t have to carry a bumbag or one of those hideous travel wallet strap things your dad used to wear, if I just want to buy a bottle of water.

barclays bpay-16


Tee // Leggings


barclays bpay-17

His royal highness approves too.

barclays bpay-18

barclays bpay-19

barclays bpay-20

^ Look at that tongue!

You can use the gadgets on the tube, on buses, in any taxi with the contactless card machine, you can give them to your kids (aged 12+) and track exactly what they spend via the bPay app.

Of course you can use them for life’s real necessities too.

barclays bpay-21

And let’s face it, ice cream is a real necessity at this time of year.

barclays bpay-22

barclays bpay-23

Embroidered top // Denim shorts

Sunnies // Sandals

Gryffindor key ring – strictly for Gryffindor students

barclays bpay-24

barclays bpay-25

You can top up your bPay device via the app manually or set it to auto refill, the latter being my personal choice.

Sit back and relax.

No wallet required.

barclays bpay-28

As I said, I’m working on the launch of bPay so this is a sponsored post.

But as always, I would never write about anything I didn’t think was truly brilliant.

bPay certainly comes under that heading.

Anyone with a UK-registered Visa or MasterCard can use them. Check out the website if you need more info and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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