Pierre Marcolini is responsible for “haute couture chocolate”.

He takes the very best ingredients from all over the world, treats them with the utmost love and respect, and transforms them into the most elegant of mouthfuls.

His shops are set up like jewellery stores. But in place of diamonds, you’ll find delicate macarons, velvety caramels, rich eclairs, and squares of perfect chocolate.

After a meeting in Marylebone I was in need of a little pick-me-up and his famous mocha was all I could think about. Once I spied the eclairs lined up in the window, resistance was futile.

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The shop’s interior is neat, small and perfectly formed.

Like being in a tiny chocolate box, with a world of pleasure at your fingertips.

Pierre Marcolini London-5

Chocolates line the walls and pastel macarons glitter behind their glass cases.

Pierre Marcolini London-6

Ask for a coffee and the chocolate box assistant will insist you have an eclair to go with it.

Whisking a tray out of nowhere, ready to tempt you with this week’s flavours.

Pierre Marcolini London-7

The options are always changing and everything is made in house, under strict supervision from Pierre himself, on his frequent visits from Belgium.

And Belgium, as we all know, is the capital of tea time treats.

Pierre Marcolini London-8

If you spot a spare table outside, grab it!

An empty table is a rare occurrence and one worth savouring.

Pierre Marcolini London-9

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The eclairs are truly magnificent.

Light choux pastry, encasing rich cream and topped with the richest of ganache.

The salted caramel one will blow your mind.

Pierre Marcolini London-15

Having satisfied our immediate hunger (and afternoon slump), we snuck back into the store to stock up.

Pierre Marcolini London-16

Pierre Marcolini London-17

Beside the boxes of treats, you’ll find a red phone.

Which they say is a direct line to Mr Marcolini himself.

Pierre Marcolini London-18

But it’s only for complaints, so it’s never used.

Pierre Marcolini London-19

Pierre Marcolini London-20

The staff know everything there is to know about chocolate, and given the slightest inkling of interest, will happily talk your ear off about it.

Pierre Marcolini London-21

Which is absolutely fine by me!

I could talk about food all day long.

Pierre Marcolini London-22

Pierre Marcolini London-23

Pierre Marcolini London-24

Pierre Marcolini London-25

Pierre Marcolini London-26

Of course, talking chocolate is hungry work!

So you’ll want to do a little tasting too.

Pierre Marcolini London-27

Pierre Marcolini London-28

Pierre Marcolini London-29

Pierre Marcolini London-30

Pierre Marcolini London-31

Pierre Marcolini London-32

I was told off for biting into my previous sample, as that’s not the way Marcolini chocolates are designed.

They’re created to be experienced as a whole.

You place it on your tongue,

Pierre Marcolini London-33

close your lips, and allow it to melt.

Pierre Marcolini London-34

The centre is released and you’re left in utter heaven.

Pierre Marcolini London-35

Pierre Marcolini London-36

Pierre Marcolini London-37

The Medjool dates are not something I would usually go for, as I find dates too sweet.

But these are something special.

Date fruit, marzipan, green pistachio from Iran, orange blossom, honey from sweet chestnuts, candied lemon juice, nougatine, almond paste, enrobed in chocolate.

They come individually wrapped in gold, and even a slice of one is a real treat.

Pierre Marcolini London-38

The flavours all crash through one after the other, like waves of scent… on your tongue.

The best way I can think to describe the sensation is a spring day in the courtyards of Seville. The orange blossom is just beginning to emerge and soak the streets with its aroma. Sunlight streams in from above, leaving stone warm to the touch. Incense floats from open churches and merchants toast almonds for sale.

As I said, something truly special!

Pierre Marcolini London-39

The macarons are like little jewels, and as perfect as anything you’ll find in Paris.

Pierre Marcolini London-40

Pierre Marcolini London-41

Pierre Marcolini London-42

Pierre Marcolini London-43

Pierre Marcolini London-44

We picked up our wares and a couple of gifts and headed out into the city.

Pierre Marcolini London-45

Pierre Marcolini London-46

Just watch yourself on the doorstep, it gets pretty breezy!

Pierre Marcolini London-47

Pierre Marcolini London-48

Pierre Marcolini London-49

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Pierre Marcolini London-50

Find the store at 37 Marylebone Highstreet, and share a snap with me if you do!

If you can’t get there in person, you can get a few goodies online.

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Oh an if you’re wondering about my handbag, obviously I had to go with Cocoa Chanel!

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