Burgers, Yeah!

All of my restaurant posts have been a bit fancy recently.

Don’t get me wrong, I love seafood, a good class of wine, champagne cocktails and a sunny terrace as much as the next girl. But sometimes you want something a little more… relaxed.

A little more down to earth, and a touch of filth.

That is exactly what this place offers.

It’s a pop-up restaurant hidden in the back of a pub, near Kings Cross.

Yeah Burger -1

Yeah Burger -2

Muscle your way in, past the crowd at the bar, towards the back.

You’ll find a thoroughly patriotic, disheveled dining room, just begging for you to grab a pint and put your feet up.


Yeah Burger -3

Grab a drink & a menu.

And prepare yourself for some serious naughty business.

Yeah Burger -4

Decadent burgers.

Yeah Burger -5

Cheeky sides.

Yeah Burger -6

And possibly the best selection of fries I’ve ever laid eyes on!


Yeah Burger -7

The four of us went to town.

Yeah Burger -8

Chilli nachos.

Crunchy, gooey, meaty, cheesy and spicy. Everything you want nachos to be.

Yeah Burger -9

The “el pato” duck burger.

I can’t say I’ve ever had a duck burger, but it was ruddy good. Really quacking.

Yeah Burger -10

^ Deep fried cheeseballs, more on those later.

Yeah Burger -11

Chillllleeeeeeh cheese fries!

Yeah Burger -12

^ The “Hell Yeah” burger.

Double trouble.

Yeah Burger -13

The Nagual.

Yeah Burger -14

The spread.

Yeah Burger -15

The money shot.

Yeah Burger -16

Yeah Burger -17

Yeah Burger -18

Yeah Burger -19

Yeah Burger -20

Yeah Burger -21

I thoroughly recommend washing a feast down with a few cocktails.

Yeah Burger -22

Sweet, strong and the sort of thing I’d have whipped up at Uni.

All polished off with KnickerBocker Glories.

Yeah Burger -23

Yeah Burger -24

A corker of a place, and well worth a trip.

Pull on your comfiest, elasticated trousers, your snuggliest jumper, grab a group and get down there.

It won’t be around forever.

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