Girl’s Night

You just can’t beat a girl’s night out.

Life often gets in the way, everyone’s busy, everyone has things to be getting on with so it can feel a little like herding cats.

But once in a while, when you do manage to get a group of your favourites together for a proper catch up… it’s just magic.

Baileys Cocktails-1

Baileys Cocktails-2

Baileys Cocktails-3

Baileys Cocktails-4

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(Forgot to take a proper outfit pic, so here it is dissected! ^)

Baileys Cocktails-5

Obsessed with this dress.

More than a few chaps came over to tell Alex how lovely she looked in it, and y’know… casually ask if she was free!

Baileys Cocktails-6

Which she handled with utter grace…

Baileys Cocktails-7

…while the rest of us cracked up!

Baileys Cocktails-8

It was Bailey’s who finally gave us all an excuse to get together.

They’ve come up with the most fiendish of inventions.

It’s called a “Flat White Martini” and it’s set to take the espresso martini world by storm!

Baileys Cocktails-1-2

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It’s an utterly delicious concoction that sort of tastes like a bowl of melted ice-cream, with a sexy little kick.

You can make them at home pretty easily, just take;

50ml Baileys Original Irish Cream
25ml Smirnoff Vodka
25ml Espresso or really strong coffee

Shake over ice, and pour into long stemmed glasses. Top with a couple of coffee beans, or maybe  a little grated chocolate (that would be pretty grate! -geddit?! Grate! Lol.)

And serve with excellent company.

Baileys Cocktails-10

I’m working with Baileys, who commissioned this post, but regardless of that, these are right up my street.

Though keeping a little frosty water on hand for the “every other water” rule, is always a good idea.

Baileys Cocktails-11

Between (and during) endless rounds of Flat Whites, we chatted and laughed until our ribs hurt.

Baileys Cocktails-12

Baileys Cocktails-13

Baileys Cocktails-14

With a tiny bit of dancing and singing thrown in for good measure.

Baileys Cocktails-15

Baileys Cocktails-16

Baileys Cocktails-17

Baileys Cocktails-18

Steph is getting married this weekend, but I can’t make the wedding. So this was a perfect little pre-celebration to wave farewell to her single status.

Baileys Cocktails-19

The rest of the girls are heading to Ireland for the ceremony, and I’m already itching to see the photos!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who swoons over wedding pictures?

Baileys Cocktails-20

Baileys Cocktails-21

^ Yes, that is a man standing on our table.

He was belting out a little Mariah Carey, which we all somehow knew the words to, so joined in too.

Baileys Cocktails-22

Baileys Cocktails-23

Baileys Cocktails-24

Baileys Cocktails-25

Baileys Cocktails-27

Baileys Cocktails-26

The night ended in Spuntino where we totally over-ordered all of the sliders, buckets of mac ‘n’ cheese and stacks on stacks of fries.

Which, if you ask me, is how all girl’s nights should end.

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