South Ken Sushi

Two things you may not know about me:

One- I love all things blue and white.

Two- I really quite like sushi.

sushi south ken-1

Ok, ok so you already know both of those things.

Possibly because I mention them monthy weekly all the ruddy time.

Well, you know what? Maybe I’ll just open my own blue + white sushi restaurant and call it Sosumi!

Then I can casually don my shades, look back and say…

sushi south ken-2

“Why don’t you come and sashimi some time?”

sushi south ken-3

I know, I know! That one really blue you away!

But this bargain of a skirt will make it all white.

Vase skirt // White top

Blue tote // White daps // Sunnies

In between frolicking under magnolia trees (which, incidentally is pretty much how all bloggers spend their time during this season, it’s in the contract) I caught up with Lucy for a little sushi action in South Ken.

sushi south ken-4

Stretching our waistbands to the limit at Tombo.

sushi south ken-5

sushi south ken-6

It might not be the best sushi in the world, but it is quick, pretty, reasonably priced and they have a couple of tables outside.

sushi south ken-7

And when the sun shines in London, you. sit. outside.

sushi south ken-8

The chicken katsu curry is certainly worth a trip, if you’re in the area.

sushi south ken-9

sushi south ken-10

It was great to sit down, catch up, go through all the things every 20somethingyearold Londoner friends chat about; work, travel, love, and of course… house hunting.

Don’t even get us started on what you can get back home for the price of a 1bed flat in London, it’s depressing.

I challenge you to sit down with any Londoner who hasn’t considered packing it all in and moving to the country, just because of house prices.

Whaddyusay, we all just move into the 4th one down?

But I suppose afternoon sushi dates would be harder to organise…

sushi south ken-14

I guess I’ll stick to city life for now.

sushi south ken-11

Now, do you think I can drag this tree inside?

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