Louis XIII Black Pearl

One of the best things about blogging is getting to do weird and wonderful things, that you would never have even thought of!

I embarked on one such adventure not long ago, in Mayfair.

If you’re into your cognac, and even if you’re not, you may have heard of Louis XIII cognac. It is the crème de la crème, as they say in France!

To celebrate their 140th Birthday, Louis released a special “Black Pearl” edition. I was enlisted to help!

It was my job to deliver one of the very special bottles across London.

Starting with a cognac masterclass at The Connaught.

I sat down with two cognac connoisseurs and a classic car buff to see what all the fuss is about.

This particular hand carved, crystal decanter is filled with glowing nectar that’s been ageing and perfecting for over 100 years.

A pipette is used to ensure that no-one spills a precious drop!

The final masterpiece is a blend of around 1200 eaux-de-vie (seriously impressive when you think that regular cognacs only boast a few).

This gives Louis XIII its incredible complexity. Layer after layer of aromas float delicately from the glass

It starts with a sweet, nutty smell. Like candied fruits and Christmas spices, but changes every time you go back to it.

After a few tastes it starts to smell of oak, cigars and perfume.

It’s very seductive!

We couldn’t resist going back for more…

After the cognac we moved on to cars!

Or one particular car as it happens; a Jaguar XKSS. The world’s first Super Car, one of only 16 in the world and Steve McQueen’s toy of choice!

Owned by JD Classics, the best of the best when it comes to classic car restoration, it’s fair to say I was more than a little excited to go for a ride.

Though I was quite glad not to be driving after all that cognac!

I scooped up my Black Pearl and made a speedy, James Bond style race to the car…

… if James Bond happened to be strutting his stuff for a group of photographers, that is.

Ok, perhaps I’m not quite as cool as Mr Bond.

But all he has is a martini, and I’ve got cognac.

I snuck in a few snaps of the car and its glorious red interior…

…before nestling my precious cargo inside…

…jumping in…

Matthew Williamson dress // Margiela bow bag // Christian Louboutin shoes

Cashmere wrap // Burberry coat (worn over my knees in the car!)

Killer Highstreet Versions

…wrapping up!…

… and setting off.

We roared away from the hotel and through Mayfair.

Holding on tight!

Quietly crossing my fingers that I would run into everyone I’ve ever met, so I could shrug and say “oh this old thing?”

But all we met was traffic!

Which didn’t bother me one bit, because I’d have spent days in that car given the opportunity!

We pulled up outside the Black Pearl’s final resting place (does that make me sound like a pirate? I quite like it).

I carefully (and begrudgingly) handed over the goods to one of the most charming chaps in London.

The photographers did their thing and we chuckled throughout!

We said goodbye and I headed right inside for a good cup of hot chocolate!

If only I could have added a dash of Louis XIII and slurped it in the car…

One day, maybe.


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