Le Rock ‘n’ Roll

Having enjoyed an afternoon in Parc Monceau, I headed off for a quick shower and change… before racing across town.

I met up with Sean & Charlotte once again for a bit of a mad hatter’s tea party, before they took to the stage once more.

Ripped jeans // Cashmere vest (life changing!) // Black slippers

Acorn necklace

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Mr Landgon. What a helmet!

I was designated a rather fetching faux-coonskin-cap, that really brought out my wild side.

It even had its very own tail.

While the rest of us sipped on cocktails, caught up and generally misbehaved, the band got ready.

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We perfected(?) our “sexy French rockstar” poses.

And then all of sudden, it was time for GOASTT to rock the joint!

After the show we headed back stage for more congratulatory hugs.

This might just be the exact moment I found out that I wasn’t allowed to keep the hat…

Once the venue emptied and the last devoted fan had disappeared into the night, we made our move.

Racing across town, ordering food over the phone, trying to make it in time before the kitchen closed.

Not just any kitchen.

A very special one, and possibly one of the coolest in Paris.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon.

Not only are the staff the loveliest you’ll come across, the food is utterly sublime, and you’ll find the best steak you could ever ask for.

Robuchon prides himself on sourcing the very best of all his ingredients. They come from all over France, and it’s a true joy to watch them all come together in a symphony of flavours, under the keen eye of chef Axel Manes.

We drank our champagne with a few nibbles.

Followed by lobster ravioli with black truffle.

Squid with chorizo, tomatoes and artichoke.

And finally, the main event… The Steak.

(This is just half, we ordered it cut so two of us could share the beast!)

Perfectly pink, with molten fat marbled throughout.

I couldn’t possibly have managed pudding, so we all shared a few madeleines and were sent away with a bag of their famous toffees each.

The very best climax to one night in Paris.

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