The first thing I should mention is… that I’m quite lazy.

If there’s a shortcut I’ll take it, if there’s a simpler way of doing something I’ll find it.

This is especially true when it comes to working out. I loathe the gym, I don’t like running when it’s hot, I hate trainers shouting at me and I once went to a bootcamp retreat… for one afternoon. Yes, I am a bootcamp dropout and I don’t care who knows it!

However. I do love the naughty things in life. A good cocktail (or three) and a juicy burger (with fries and extra cheese). I have conceded that if I want to enjoy these things and want to continue getting around without the help of a crane, I have to get the blood pumping.

I’ve put together my own little cheat’s workout. I do it in the mornings before I shower and before I have breakfast.

It tones, strengthens, kickstarts my metabolism (yes you can change the speed of your metabolism, contrary to popular belief it is not set in stone!) and gives me the endorphins I need to live a pretty happy life.

First; I stretch.

Stretching boosts your circulation, increases you flexibility (the more you stretch the more you’ll stretch!), it increases your energy levels and limbers you up for your workout.

Then I kick off with a real killer; The Elbow Plank.

Count to 30 as slowly as I can bear!

Moving onto what I like to call “Crouching Tiger, Peeing Dog.”

Start on all fours.

Extend one knee straight out to the side (much like a dog peeing on a tree) – hold for 3 seconds, then extend the foot right back and hold it there for 3 secs, then return to all fours.

Do both sides 15 times (30 in all).

Then flat out for Thrusts and Holds.

It takes 3 seconds to get to the top of the trust, I hold for 3, then 3seconds to get down again.

Count ten reps on my fingers, then count them off again. (20 reps in all)

Then things get a little bit jiggy. I grab two little 1k dumbbells and do the YMCA dance. (I’m not even kidding!)

On both sides.

Singing along, 10 times.

Then, I go even deeper into the dad-at-a-wedding-dancing.

I do The Monkey (or The Johnny Bravo).

Tummy tucked in, hips tucked forwards, feet shoulder width apart. With a good wiggle!

Polishing off with 30 lunges (15 each side).

And 30 squats

Then I stretch once more.

Have a glass of water and jump in the shower.

I eat breakfast then crack on with my day!

A lot of my time is spent sitting at my computer, so whenever I remember, I do Tummy Snaps.

Push out all the muscles in my abdomen, then squuueeeeze them all together as tight as I can.

As many reps as I can.

Then while I remember, I do kegals. This is probably too much information, but these are SO important for women to keep up so I may as well mention it! Hold all of your muscles “down there” as tight as you can. Squeeeeze them all together like you’re bursting for the loo. Then relax. Squeeze for 3, relax for 3. Repeat as many times as you can, as often as you can. Good strong pelvic muscles will give you a better sex life, make childbirth easier and keep you out of nappies when you’re old!

Lastly, just make small changes. Take the stairs rather than the lift, walk rather than getting a cab and branch out with a sport you enjoy now and then. Swimming, tennis, squash (my personal favourite), netball. I even saw a gym that offered “Aqua Zumba” the other day which I’m keen to try!

Make your own little morning routine. It’s just a small addition to your day that I assure you will have a huge impact on your life. Combine it with The Anti-Diet and before you know it you wont be out of breath anymore, your jeans will suddenly feel loose, your skin will improve, your hair will gleam, you’ll smile more and just feel a million dollars.

Whenever there’s a photo of me on Instagram, someone will comment about my figure and that they feel envy. There’s really no need. I wasn’t always fit and healthy, I made little changes and now I’ll never have to diet again.


A year from now you’ll wish you started today.

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