An Afternoon in Cambridge

I had to go to a meeting in Cambridge.

I’ve never been, so PJ & I decided to make a little roadtrip out of it!

BMW kindly supplied a fancy set of wheels, which we stuffed to the gills with… stuff, and set off.

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A 4 series convertible that drove like a dream.

We zipped through the British countryside with the top down & the music blaring (you can plug your phone in to the radio, which is pretty handy).

We arrived in Cambridge soon after lunch time, I legged it into my meeting (I won’t bore you with the details). And then the rest of the afternoon was our own.

Footloose & fancy free, we set off to explore.

We couldn’t possibly have picked a more splendid day for it!

The sun blazed down above while a cool breeze whipped along the water, rustling the trees and turning the grass into ocean waves.

The blue skies made the perfect backdrop for the unbelievably beautiful sandstone buildings.

The ultimate spot for two roaming shutterbugs!

The narrow, winding, cobblestone streets were just too picturesque to resist.

We followed our feet down to the river.

Finding row after row of punts, we collared a fine fellow to “drive” us and leapt in.

A punt, for those wondering, is a flat bottomed boat, used in shallow waters and propelled along by a punter, who pushes against the river bed.

Originally used for shooting & fishing, now they’re pretty much just for larking about on the river.

We punted along the winding stream, expertly manoeuvred by our boatman who took the time to point out the old buildings and enrich our minds with a little of their history.

I have to say it was hard to listen and not just get swept up in the magic of the place.

Blossom fluttered down from the trees, canoodling couples whispered to each other, students taking a break from exams shrieked and laughed from wobbling boats.

We quietly sat and watched the play unfold around us, turning to smile at one and other now and then.

^ That’s Patrick, our rather beautiful guide.

Mr & Mrs Mallard.

A guitarist singing on the bank was the golden ribbon tying up the dreamiest of afternoons.

If you find yourself in Cambridge and fancy a punt, give Patrick a ring. He knows his stuff!

Once you jump off, you’re free to roam the grounds… so we did.

I made friends with a visiting Canadian.

Discovering we’d missed the Kings Collage Choir Service by a whopping 8mins (mildly devastating), we lay our jackets in the long grass and just enjoyed the last of the sunshine.

Before walking back into town in search of supper.

We took a reader’s recommendation (thank you Victoria!) and went to Chop House for a stonkingly good feed.

Cambridge is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.

The people are lovely, it’s positively soaked in history and everyone whizzes around on bicycles; which is brilliant!

I’m only sorry I only had the afternoon but will absolutely be back for seconds. I highly recommend a trip.

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