All Over Overalls

As a baby I unwittingly wore dungarees.

As a toddler I wore them happily.

As a pre-teen I wore them with muddy indifference.

As a teenager I flat-out refused to have anything to do with them.

And now, in my twenties my love affair has been reignited and I wear them with utter glee.

The ultimate in laid-back casual wear, they’re comfy, relaxed & I think a lil bit sexy.

Everyone from Gucci & Guess to Topshop & ASOS have their own versions this season. Rock them with shirts, jumpers, t-shirts, bikinis, anything! They’re just as versatile as jeans, but a little more fun.

Paired with my secret weapon, leg lengthening (hidden heel) All Stars, which make me feel the bee’s knees!

And an LKB bag. I slipped them all on for a sunny lunch with Selina.

Who’s more of a black-all than an over-all kinda girl.

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We strolled from my house to Portobello, stopping off at the coolest chair in London town.

Lunch wasn’t far away, an authentic little Italian place called Luna Rossa.

We shared a number of nibbles.

Clams, cannellini & chilli, lemon.

Arancini (risotto balls).

Burratta & chorizo.

Grilled DOP scamorza cheese with Amalfi lemon zest. This was simply unbelievable. Every bite took me right back to Positano!

Together we grazed & chatted in the sunshine.

Scallops au gratin.

While S slurped on her “adult milkshake” I shellfishly ploughed my way through the clams…

…and the cheese, and the beef, and everything else as it happens!

Once the sun crept below the houses we headed off in search of a little more.

Greedy little sun worshipers.

Stopping for a quick shot with a burst of the rapidly disappearing Notting Hill blossom (the trees are all turning green unbe-leaf-ably fast).

What did I tell you about those shoes being my secret weapon?! Trust me, you need a pair.

“Gosh that blossom really is quite nice… I wonder if I could take a little sprig home?”

“I just need to reach up…”

“Coooommee oonnn!”


“Mine, all mine.”

“Now, quick let’s go before someone tells us off!”

On the way home we stopped off at the stump so Selina could call her mum & tell her exactly where she was calling from.

Sadly by the time her mum answered Selina had forgotten what she was going to say… you could say she was stumped!


Couldn’t resist!

Here are some more blossom pictures to make up for it.

London, you are utterly stunning at this time of year.

I’d say it was the perfect day, overall(s).

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