Salad Days

Tanya is one of my favourite people to catch up with.

She loves food, photography, blogging and we can chat about anything from sofa fabrics to runway shows or web layouts.

It’s always funny to consider blogging as work and other bloggers as colleagues, but I guess that’s the most “normal” way to look at it.

I’m often asked whether we all see each other as competition and my response is always one of amusement. The greatest thing about The Internet is its size. There’s room for literally everyone to have their own little slice of it.

No-one sees the world in the same way and no two people’s lives are the same, which means every blog is different.

The best thing about making blogger friends?

There’s absolutely no shame in taking pictures of your food!

…Or each other!

We got together for a chinwag over some greenery.

Daylesford Organic in Notting Hill do some killer salads. You can choose 4 different types and they pile them high for you.

We got stuck in and rabbitted on about our adventures and miss-adventures over the last few weeks, before trotting off for a wander around The Hill.

^ Favourite photo of T ever!

We tied up our afternoon with cakes and coffee from Ottolenghi.

Hey, if you’ve had salad for lunch then pudding is practically compulsory!

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