A Weekend in Photos

Now, before you read this post I’m going to need you to do me a favour.

I need you to take the part of your mind that appreciates wonderful photography, artistic lighting, beautifully shot photos and turn it off. In fact any part that really appreciates aesthetic beauty.

Just shut it away in a large, gilded, bedazzled chest and forget about it for… let’s say… 12minutes.

Or maybe just take your glasses off.

Have you done that?

Ok great!

Here’s my new blog post, I just know you’re going to love it (now)!

This weekend I was invited to stay at a friend’s country house to say cheerio to the the shooting season.

Naturally this called for new boots (any excuse). The Westerleys arrived and Custard was very suspicious.

“You already have boots at home” he said. “What the ruddy hell are these doing here?”

I explained that he wasn’t coming. He was understandably furious, but quickly forgave me when I produced a large slice of ham and sent him home with Harry.

I arrived at Alex & Andrew’s house with little time to spare before the first party. We cracked open a bottle of bubbly and drank it while pulling dresses over our heads and shuffling out of the door, carrying our shoes.

Sadly I didn’t take any photos of supper, but we did have a few phones to capture the aftermath…

By the time we finally crawled back into our beds it was well past four.

The next morning was miserable.

Horrendous hangovers all-round. Mine however was significantly perked up by the discovery of these little badgers:

“Lotus Biscuit spread.” It tastes like you’ve just dunked a biscuit (British biscuit, cookie if you’re American) in a hot mug of tea… and then spread it all over your toast.

My only regret is that I’d lived so long without it. If you can’t find it locally, head to Amazon. The crunchy one is my favourite.

Having loaded ourselves up with carbs and caffeine, we went to join the shoot lunch.

Swigged Bloody Marys and slowly came back to life.

When the boys went out for one final drive, the girls (and Andrew) set their sights on the sofas and spent the rest of the afternoon snoozing like fatted cats in front of the fire.

Only to resurface, regroom & regroup for dinner.

We started with truffled scallops with sun-dried tomatoes, basil & pine nuts.

Thankfully *someone* (no names mentioned, but he’s sitting next to me) didn’t enjoy his, so I ate two.

Alex & Andrew, the most adorable married couple you’ll ever meet.

Constantine, the birthday boy.

Perfectly pink lamb in a garlicy crust.

Followed by double birthday cake and lots of singing.

Enjoying some of Andrew’s scintillating fireside tales.

Thank goodness Alex enjoys them!

The next day we nursed our double-whammy hangovers with a late breakfast, a long walk & some donkey cuddles.

Who needs Aspirin when you have these lil’ guys?

The best weekend I’ve had in a very long time, spent with some of my favourite people.

Thank you for having me, and I promise to return Harry the little white donkey soon… probably.

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