Hanging Out

I’m not the sort to relish traditional exercise.

I don’t long for the gym, I like to get my heart racing with a good dollop of fun.

My current body stretching, muscle toning, heart thumper is all down to swinging.

Not that sort of swinging, cheeky.

Yoga swinging!

My clever big sister saw me curtain climbing and hanging upside down in LA and thought I might like to do the same back home, so treated me to a rather swish yoga swing.

As you can see, I’m enjoying it hugely!

One of the first things I learnt was the “inversion” (hanging upside down to you & me).

If you often sit in front of a computer or wear high heels then this is just the best thing thing you can do to stretch out your back & decompress.

It increases oxygenation of the cells, which is detoxifying and boosts your energy levels.

Reduces blood pressure, increases fertility and even sorts out irregular or painful periods, apparently.

Look mum, no hands!

Apart from pretending to be a bat, you can also work out. Stretch, build muscles & tone up, using just your own body weight.

It does wonders for your core muscles, trust me it hurts to laugh the next day!

You can choose to just do regular yoga, with a little extra help (try downward facing dog with the swing holding up your hips and you’ll really increase your flexibility) or you can use it to swing from the handles and really push yourself…

Of course, Custard thinks it’s only good for one thing…

“Meditation time.”

Yoga swinging’s getting bigger & bigger.

There might be a class near you (TO THE GOOGLE MACHINE!), but you could always pop one up in your sitting room/garden like mine.

Find one here & they come with hooks ready to roll.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to freak all my friends out by inviting them to a swingers party…

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