London to LA

The Londoner is in Los Angeles!

A couple of weeks ago I asked Twitter for their favourite Trans-Atlantic airline (having only ever had total nightmares flying to NYC). The resounding response was Virgin, Virgin, Virgin, baby.

So, on Wednesday afternoon The Londoner said goodbye to London.

I packed my bags & headed to Heathrow.

Wrapped up in my Slinky Feline leggings, biker boots, “Célfie” (hehe) tee, and Burb jacket (keeping it British) I checked myself into the safety and comfort of the V Clubhouse.

Waiters instantly swooped around me offering snacks, cocktails & telling me where to find the spa.

By the time I got on the plane I was well and truly relaxed… only to be treated like a princess for another 11 hours!

It’s pretty much the first time I’ve flown to the US and not had a single complication. If you’re planning a trip I can’t recommend choosing Virgin enough. Oh, and if it’s on… watch Monsters University!

I arrived just in time for supper and went right to bed.

When I woke up the sun was beating down & I got to wear shorts! In September!

And take my new Italian baby out to play…

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I woke up starving and very ready to trade my London cocktails for some LA goodness. Which I got in the form of ice-cold coconut water from Real Raw.

Followed by something a little less healthy from 101 Diner.

Huevos rancheros, bacon & sausage to be exact.

After a humungous breakfast we headed out to meet more friends for coffee.

I continually felt like I was driving through a movie… or Grand Theft Auto (a little more worrying).

Having caught up with a few American homies, we headed homie to make the most of the September sunshine.

Steph went off to her audition (literally everyone out here works in movies or TV).

We wished her luck and got back down to the serious business of sun soaking.

And dancing.


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With my mum’s bee to keep me safe, don’t worry mum I am wearing it!

In the afternoon I took a trip back into the city for another coffee with a friend from London who’s promised to give me the skinny on where’s best to eat & play… Obviously I promise to share them all with you too.

After an all too short nap, I went to supper at Sunset Tower and then crashed at midnight when everyone else went out to dance.

I know it’s only been a day, but I already love this place! But if I could just shake this jet-lag I’d be a whole lot happier…

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