Homeslice London

What better way to start the week than with a new restaurant for you to haunt?

The sun is finally beaming down on London town. The city has been transformed and the people with it. Tonight, grab your lover’s hand & take a stroll into Covent Garden. Wander the streets & alleys, look in the shops, chat about everything and nothing.

Get good & hungry because I have a new pizza place for you.

This one sells huge, really, really good thin-crust pizzas and you can buy them by the slice, which is nice.

You know all those movies you’ve seen where the hero turns to their date & says “wanna grab a slice”? Well, us Brits can finally do it too.

Ok, Americans that probably doesn’t sound all that exciting to you but it’s relatively new in England.

Homeslice is a very relaxed pizza shop in Seven Dials & it’s going to become one of your new favourites, trust me.

The tiny kitchen opens up into the restaurant so you can see your 20in baby being made.

The place is fronted by great big glass doors that are flung open onto the street & there are long wooden tables where everyone sits & gets friendly next to each other.

Old tiles & glasses hanging from the walls makes it seem all the more Mediterranean & homely.

The menu is simple & changes pretty regularly. A chatty, elaborately tattooed waiter chatted us through the options.

We went for half and half. He chose Caprese (torn buffalo mozzarella, basil & tomato) and feeling adventurous I went for bone marrow, spring onion & watercress.

Washed down with white wine. Even this is kinda cool, rather than buying a bottle or a glass you just take a magnum & pay for what you drink (measured with an old wooden ruler at the end).

The pizzas really are exceptional & I plan on going back as frequently as possible. Find them online here & make sure you book if you’re taking a big group. Oh, and when you get there shotgun a skull of their seriously spicy chili oil, it’ll blow your head off mind!

There really is nowhere better than London when the sunshines, enjoy it!

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