Custard Couture

So this morning I’d just polished off breakfast (duck & biscuits in a delightfully sticky gravy), been for a trot around the grounds & headed back to the kitchen when there was a knock at the door.

I was incensed & thought I should warn the family that we were all about to die a horrible death and it had announced itself by rapping on our front door.

It turns out it was just the postman (not to be trusted) with a package for me!.. along with some other things for other people but that’s not really important.

Mum kindly opened it (I’m still working on growing those opposable thumbs everyone keeps bragging about), tore through the beautifully wrapped tissue paper and pulled out three of the finest looking bow ties I have ever seen.

I tried to remain nonchalant & cool about the whole thing but my damned tail gave me away & wagged furiously.

Seeing as it’s been a little while since I put paw to paper, I thought I’d take the opportunity to show off my new jaunty outfits and show you how I’ll be wearing this season’s must have cantoure (that’s short for canine couture, darling).

First look…

Nautical but Nice

A good stripe never goes out of style, especially when you’re waterside.

This summer red & white stripes are going to set me apart from the pack & ensure I’m the only one getting belly rubs around here.

Who’s a good boy?

I am.

My second look is a little more formal. A paisley print, perfect for work.

Mum has a new nephew who the family insist on taking out into the garden in his pram. To be perfectly honest this simply doubles my workload. Now I don’t just have a property to patrol & guard, I have to look after him too. Today’s shift however will be greatly improved by my new uniform. No rabbit would be stupid enough to mess with a man in paisley.

I call my final look… Bonnie Lad

It draws on my Scottish roots & is perfect for retiring in the evening with a good book.

At the moment I’m reading Malcolm Gladwell’s ” What The Dog Saw “. Great to see an author finally taking an interest in canine opinion. The Union will be thrilled.

If you would like to treat the furry love of your life to a bow tie you can find them online here.

They’re very light & comfortable. Perfect for a chap about town.

Alternatively girl dogs can just wear them on the back of their necks as a pretty wee bow.

I’m all about equality… and pretty girls in bows. Hello there, my lady! (You should read that in Sean Connery’s voice, just FYI.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to bury my head in this book.

Toodle pip!

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