Kimberley London Backstage

My friend Kim is launching a new swimwear company. The whole brand is almost exactly like her. Young, pretty, cutesy & a little bit naughty!

Rather than spending lots of money on a fancy photoshoot with professional models, she asked if Phoebe & I would pop round for an afternoon of playing in the garden with the promise of champagne, sushi & ice-cream (separately, not as some horrible cocktail).

The resulting shots & video seem to be a montage of Phoebe & I eating & Kim looking pretty… which is pretty much happens in real life anyway!

We had very simple “beachy” makeup applied (just bronzer & mascara), and met our awesome photographer Matt.

Before getting down to business.

My favourites were the black bikinis.

Even our between-shot drink/snack breaks were filmed.

Apparently most of the black shots were “too sexy” to use in the end. Can you blame them? Look at my sexilicious face right here…

Hot, I know.

Kim’s uploaded her own little behind the scenes video, which includes a shoot she did with a couple male models in Barbados… I’m not jealous at all.

(I am.)

[iframe allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0″ height=”315″ src=”″ width=”560″]

She’ll be releasing more pics from the shoot on her website & in the press soon… but here are a couple of my favourites…

You’ll find all the suits online here.

They’re all made in England & beautiful quality so should last you a couple summers.

I know I’m biased because I’m her friend… but I think they’re brilliant.

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