Pancake Day

Pancake day is circled, starred & highlighted on my calendar.

We’ve always had a bit of a competition back home about who can eat the most. Obviously being “a grown up” means I’ve moved out & can no longer compete with my brothers, but luckily for me Will & the boys were more than happy to take up the challenge.

…Provided I did the cooking.

Another day, another stripy top. Apparently I’m obsessed.

This was a wee Valentines treat to myself from Joseph. It’s ridiculously soft with beautifully long sleeves and makes me feel a little like Beetlejuice. In a good way.

Anyway, back to pancakes.

Even I have to check my recipes now & then!

Will has very strict ideas on what makes the best batter, so huffed & puffed & told me off throughout.

We went American this year & accessorised with a smorgasbord of toppings.

Finally we all sat down to feast with glasses of wine & James Taylor on the speakers (my iPod, music taste inherited from my dad I’m afraid).

Fuzzy Fred & Oli were in charge of laying the table & were rather proud of their candle work. Who could blame them? I was a little bit proud of my own work…

Look at all that bacon & syrup!

Don’t you think there’s something wonderfully naughty about having breakfast food for supper? Something I’m going to have to repeat, with or without Pancake Day. Ps. I finally got off my butt & made a Facebook page so I can stay in touch with you guys. Please feel free to pop over & say hello!

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