Last night the lovely team at Dukebox invited the girls and I down for a little pre-launch party.

Just to give you a little bit of history…

Public was my favourite party haunt in the entire world. Better than anywhere New York, Paris, Monaco, Cannes… you name it, Public beat it hands down.

It didn’t take itself too seriously, it wasn’t fancy pants, it was just cool.

Sadly Public was forced to close its doors a few months ago for being too noisy.

Since then Chelsea’s little lost Public kids have been wandering around the West End trying to find a replacement.

Well, wander no more Public fans!

They’re back!

But it’s called Dukebox.

Same staff, same decor, same music, same crowd, there’s even a carousel pony.

It’s awesome.

I wore the Lazy Oaf Batman leotard , Topshop skirt , Aldo UK shoes and a Chanel bag (neither of which you can see here, but y’know, I wore them.) Nailpolish is Topshop’s “Bad Habit” which devastatingly they don’t sell anymore.

Gabby wore a sea of pearls from ASOS.

Selina’s Nasty Gal dress makes my heart go giddy-up.

You know the Mahiki treasure chests? Well here they come in Humpty Dumpty eggs and are delivered by a team of soldiers. Obviously.

We had an egg and a toy box which came with the most delicious handmade marshmallows the size of your fist.

They’re essentially a mix of spirits, fruit juice and champagne. Delicious but deadly.

From now on, If you can’t find me, look for me at Dukebox.

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