The Internet is all about street food at the moment. It’s all burger vans, pulled pork rolls, bulging burritos and spectacularly good pizzas. But what about those of us with a sweet tooth? What about the underprivileged souls who don’t live in New York or London or somewhere with enough hipsters to warrant a street food revolution? Allow me to introduce you gai daan jai (香港鸡蛋仔) or Hong Kong Waffles to you & me. This is the Mac Daddy of street puddings, invented in the 50s, it’s sweet batter poured into a sort of egg box mould and then smothered in a topping of your choice. If you live anywhere near a city with a China Town or an Asian district, you’re sure to find one of these street carts.

My favourite flavour combo is half Ka Ya (coconut jam) and half Nutella. The little pouches in the waffle soak up all the melted chocolate and burst as you eat them. Grab a friend and get down to China Town, you’ll impress them with your local knowledge and you’ll get bursts of chocolatey goodness! Win win. If you’re a Londoner you’ll find this particular stall on the corner of Gerrard Place and Newport Place in China Town. 祝您好胃口 (bon appetite!) .

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