This is my favourite sort of recipe.

Simple, speedy & delicious.

This pasta sauce tastes so deliciously creamy, you’ll swear it was whipped up by a butter & cream wielding Frenchman… when in fact, it’s just bursting with goodness.

Avocados, or ‘Aligator Pears’ as some people (myself included) like to call them, are somewhat of a superhero in the nutrient department.

While technically high in calories, they actually aid fat burning, reduce inflammation & bloating, reduce cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, reduce signs of ageing, improve bad skin, work to prevent and fight cancer & heart disease.

They’re also freaking delicious.

Yep, they’re packing heat.

I’m aware that Avocado Spagetti sounds a bit weird, but I have converted many a nay sayer with this recipe and I have a feeling you’ll fall under my charms too.

*Please forgive the picture quality, I had a hungry table of boys to feed!

This recipe serves 4, but it would be very easy to halve or double. Just make sure you have an avocado each and one more for luck.

You’ll need:

4 fist fulls of spagetti (one for each person),

5 ripe avocados (soft, but not yet brown),

Juice of 2 lemons,

2 cloves garlic,

1/3 cup of good olive oil,

1 big handful of fresh basil (or heaped tablespoon of pesto),

Generous pinch of salt,

Grating of parmesan.

Put your pasta on to cook in a large pan of boiling, salted water. Scoop out the flesh of your avocados, discarding the skins & pips. Pop it into a blender with your lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, salt & basil. Blend until smooth & creamy.

Give it a taste, decide if it needs anything else. More salt? More lemon? Maybe more basil? When you’re happy with it, set it aside until your pasta is ready & drained. Toss together in a large bowl & sprinkle with freshly grated parmesan (not the dried stuff you buy in a shaker).

If you have a couple left over basil leaves, pop them on top. Serve family style at the table.

Sprinkle with more parmesan if desired. More parmesan is always desired on my plate.

Dig in!

This is also a great recipe if you need to sneak a few vegetables into picky kids.

It’s green and slimy so I tell my nieces it’s Alien Spagetti. They stare at me with wide eyes and clear their plates like good little astronauts.

I plan to remind them of this on their wedding days.

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