There’s something about London in the sunshine that brings out the best in people.
Like any big city, it’s inhabitants usually go about their daily business in somewhat of a rageful haze.
It starts when you leave the house and walk into a cold grey drizzle.
You’ve perfected your cold, hard stare by now and it’s the same one you receive from everyone else.
You slowly shuffle into your tube station with all the other quietly furious Londoners and do your best to get to the platform before everyone else.
Having made your way around the maze of tunnels, you’ll do your best to read your newspaper in peace and tut loudly at the cretin reading it over your shoulder.
“Oh I’m
sir, would you like me to turn the page for you?” You’ll say sarcastically (in your head seeing as you’re far too British to actually say anything.)
You’ll wiggle your way onto an overcrowded train carriage and snuggle up next to a moist, slightly overweight banker who will do his best to make sure your face is buried as deep into his Lynx scented armpit as humanly possible.
Upon leaving the station, the cold, grey drizzle will have blossomed into torrential rain, meaning you’ll arrive at work dripping wet and seething with rage about this country, the transport system, the weather, the GOD DAMN pigeons… You name it, you’ll hate it.
You’ll play this game on a daily basis, only occasionally interrupted by a surprisingly good biscuit, a colleague bringing you a mug of tea, or half a bottle of wine when you get home.
But when the sun shines?
London is transformed.
It morphs back into the place we all knew but forgot existed. Like a relationship gone cold, suddenly you see her in a whole new light. Your heart warms and you realise you could never truly leave her, because you love her so very deeply.
The streets light up, people smile at you in the street, you walk past packed restaurants bursting at the seams with yummy-mummies and bars with pavements full of men with their ties undone.
Ladies slip into summer dresses and boys don their sunglasses in the vain hope that the girls wont notice them looking (we do).
Big cities can be very lonely places, but when the sun shines everyone feels a little closer, a little more human & a little more… like you.
With this in mind, Henrietta & I took it upon ourselves to enjoy our glorious Lady London on foot.
No cabs, no taxis or tubes.
Just a long walk around the city, to show her that despite our daily complaints, we really do love her.

Dress by American Apparel,
sandals by H&M
, glasses are Raybans and my little satchel is a vintage number from Portobello Rd.

Isn’t she a babe? 


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