As you all know by now, I’m a huge burger fan… but I’m also a bit of a burger snob. If it’s not up to par, I’m not happy. A great burger has to be succulent & juicy, but not soggy. It needs really decadent amounts of cheese with a sharp punch of pickles to keep it from being too rich. Then there’s the bun. Oh, so many chefs fail at this crucial stage. It needs to be firm enough to withstand all those amazing meaty juices, but soft and fluffy enough to nibble your way through without too much effort. If there’s one man who knows what I’m talking about, it’s Fred Smith at the Admiral Codrington, in Chelsea. His new Double Stack Burger is a triumph.

Fred cooks each one to order and hand assembles them himself.

The cheese is made from a blend of American cheddar & parmesan, infused with bacon & rolled in heaven.

The beef is just pink in the middle & perfectly seasoned.

The burger sauce is mindblowing.

Honestly I could go on about this all day long.

I was the only girl in the entire restaurant & every single table was filled with men attacking their beastly burgers with knives & forks. As you can see, mine remained untouched. C’mon, for something this filthy you’ve got to get down & dirty!

Devastatingly, The Double Stack is not here to stay. It will be on offer until April 19th. He only serves them at lunch time (because he’s a stickler for quality control & the dinner rush is just too hectic.) My advice? Call now, book a table, grab your burger buddy & get down there. You’ll find them here and the reservation info is here . Don’t despair if you can’t get down there before the 19th, he’s always experimenting & trying new creations so he’s bound to have something outrageous next time anyway. .

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