Double Stuffed Oreo Cake

Yesterday I had a desperate phone call from my very good friend, B. It was her boyfriend’s birthday & she’d promised him a “cake he’d never forget”. “Great!” I said. “What are you making?” After a little mumbling & footshuffling, she conceded that she is the worlds worst cook & the only things ever been able to make are my Slutty Brownies . Ah. So B came round and we decided that we needed somewhat of an outrageous cake, but using only the skills needed for Slutty Brownies. This called for Betty Crocker! Two pots of tea later, the recipe was decided. We’d make Mr B a giant Oreo that he’d never forget & Miss B could go on pretending to be a domestic goddess.

The Double Stuffed Oreo cake was born. Two layers of rich chocolate cake, sandwiching Oreo buttercream, slathered with rich chocolate icing. The ultimate in tea time decadence. To make yours, you’ll need: 2 packs Betty Crocker devils food cake mix, 140ml vegetable oil, 500ml water, 6 medium eggs, 25 Oreo cookies, 200gr softened butter (7oz) 400gr icing sugar (14oz) 3tbsp cold milk 1 lemon Betty Crocker chocolate fudge icing Preheat your oven to 180 degrees, and follow the instructions on the pack to make 2 devils food cakes. While these are cooking, you can get started on your Oreo butter cream. (Ok, so this is a little beyond Slutty Brownie level, but I’m confident you can handle it!) Grab your oreos & a paper or plastic bag.

Put 25(ish) cookies into the bag…

… and beat the hell out of them, until you’re left with something like this:

Taste just a little bit, y’know… just to check they’re not poisoned or anything. And place them to one side. Now, cream together your softened butter & icing sugar. When they’re totally combined, slowly add your cold milk & the juice of half a lemon (this will cut through some of the sweetness).

Stir in your Oreos. Enjoy this bit, it makes the most wonderful noise; like crunching through fresh snow in your boots.

Pop it in the fridge until your cakes are ready.

Place them on a wire rack to cool. (I put mine outside as I was in a hurry.) When they are


cool, all the way through, you can get started. As you can see, they’ll have risen in the centre, which isn’t great for sandwiching. Use a bread knife to cut the tops off your cakes.

Now, turn this upside down onto your serving dish.

See? Perfectly flat, you clever thing! Now, start slathering on your crunchy Oreo cream.

Don’t be afraid of it, use your fingers & get it all the way to the edge.

Carefully place your second cake on top, upside down


Look at that smart looking cake! Now’s where it gets really complicated. Ready? Open up your Betty Crocker frosting… and smear it all over your creation.

Ok I lied, it wasn’t that complicated was it? Place half an Oreo on top.

And there you have it, your very own ‘Man Vs Food’ style Double Stuffed Oreo Cake! Sure to wow any boyfriend, husband, aunt or bake sale. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a slice in the fridge calling my name… Ps. If this beast looks a little too much for you to handle, why not try making dainty little individual ones? Have a go using the same process I used for my Queenies recipe. No fancy pants cooking equipment needed, just a few ol’ tin cans!

(Click on the photo for instructions.) .(

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