If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I’m a big meat eater.
Sorry vegetarians, I love animals & really would love to join you guys… but they just taste too darn good!
You’ll also know that I am a huge fan of street food and Big Apple Hot Dogs is one of my favourite stalls in London.
I blogged about them a while ago (
here, if you missed it
) and I was thrilled that the owner, Abi invited me to take part in his #blogeatblog cook off.
He’s pitted London’s top food bloggers against each other, making them battle it out over 4 weeks. The aim of the game? To create the best topping for his fabulous hot dogs.
Ahem, challenge accepted.
We pitched up on Brick Lane at lunch time on Sunday.

The sun beamed down on us, the crowds gathered, and soon it was our time to shine!
My topping of choice?
The one.
The only…
Chilli Cheese Dowg.

A slow cooked beef chill, made with prime steak mince, 4 kinds of chillies, home-made bbq sauce, tomatoes, smoked paprika, lashings of chocolate (yes, chocolate) along with a few other goodies (I’ll post the recipe sometime this week).

Topped with a blend of 3 cheeses, smoked west country cheddar (made by my good friend Freddie), creamy mild cheddar & red leicester for colour.
A true, all American
of a dog.

Competitor No.1, Chris (

Chris wowed us with his reinvented relish concept.
Drunken onions cooked in 10year old single malt whisky, home pickled gurkins, ….. and crispy bacon bits.
Competitor No.2, Paul (

Paul’s wife is Canadian, so he made a beautifully unusual Poutine topping.
Home-made cheese curds, and a thick, rich gravy topped with crushed crisps for extra bite.
Competitor No. 3, Sam (

The only true American in the bunch, Sam made a mind blowing bourbon soaked bacon jam, topped with the crispiest deep fried leeks. (I hate leeks, but good lord I could eat a barrel of these!)
The gang:

A photoshoot/twitter onslaught ensued as competitors posed with their dogs.

Finally, Abi got on the grill and crowds of hungry hipsters, families & hungover londoners queued up for their topping of choice.

It was a beautiful afternoon, filled with meat, laughter & frosty beers.
I had to leave before the end, so I’m not sure if a winner was announced.
Of course, in my book we’re all wieners!

What do you think guys? Who would your winner be?
If you’re on Twitter, tweet with the hashtag #blogeatblog and vote for your No.1!
The final Blog Eat Blog heat will take place next Sunday lunchtime at Vibe Bar on Brick Lane. Get on down there, try the goodies and make sure you tweet to vote.
The date of the grand final hasn’t been announced yet, but follow
@bigapplehotdogs on T
for meaty updates!

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