Winter Blues, and pinks & mints…

I am completely sick of Winter. 

I refuse to buy anything wintery, I just keep telling myself Spring is coming, Spring is cooominggg! 

This justifies my compulsion to buy next season’s wardrobe 2/3 months in advance. 

Ok, so my hands are freezing as I don’t own a pair of mittens & my jumper drawer is looking pretty sparse.

But so what? The new colours are so pretty! 

Today I’m wearing:
Mint Blazer by
Peach Cami by
Jeans by
Buckle Heels by
Vintage Jewelry,
‘june’ Polish
& my new Baby Blue Baby by

Ok, so the bag is an early birthday pressie… but I just can’t resist!
Isn’t she heavenly?
I am head over heels for her!
My Birthday isn’t until the 24th, when I will be turning…ahem… 21… again.
I plan to turn 21 for at least 6 years, then I’ll just become one of those women who never tell.
Seems do-able, right?

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