Oreo & Nutella Cheesecakes

Yesterday was ‘International Nutella Day’, so to celebrate I whipped up these little bad boys. If for some unimaginable reason Nutella Day passed you by, don’t worry. These are so easy, you could throw them together any day of the week. Anyway, every day is Nutella Day in my house! You don’t have to set foot near an oven, so they’d be a great thing to make with little ones.

To make 6 individual cheese cakes you will need: 20 oreos 100gr melted butter 100gr cream cheese 150gr whipping cream 200gr nutella (1/2 jar) A few hazelnuts 50gr whipping cream (for decoration) Start by crushing your oreos. Throw them in a food processor or pop them in a plastic bag & beat the life out of them!

When you’re left with the crumbly remains of your ores, pour in your melted butter. Mix well, this will make your buttery biscuit base. Put a couple of tablespoons into each glass and pat down. Place your glasses into the fridge & get started on your topping. Whisk your cream until it forms light peaks. This is where you get the light frothiness that will make your cheesecakes so delicious. Go to town! Give it some elbow grease, you’ll be glad you did later.

In a separate bowl beat together your nutella & cream cheese until smooth & even. Now beat in your whipped cream.

Take your bases out of the fridge & spoon on your filling. Fill them nearly to the top & very carefully put them back into the chiller. They’ll need to stay there for at least 3hours, or overnight if you can wait. When you’re ready, pull them out & serve with a dollop of whipped cream & some crushed hazelnuts (these will be even better if you quickly toast them in a dry, hot saucepan until brown). Voila!

Easy peasy, no-bake Nutella & Oreo cheesecakes! These are perfect to serve as a dessert at lunch or dinner, but what if you wanted to take them into work? No problem-o. Just line a muffin tray with little squares of clingfilm (like this:)

or cupcake cases & layer your cheesecakes in the hollows. Leave them in the fridge over night & take the whole tray to work in the morning. Lift them out when you’re ready to eat them & lap up the praise from your boss & co-workers. Hello promotion! .

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