Girl Time

When Valentina & I get together, it means 3 things.

1. Crazy voices & jokes that no-one else understands.

2. Really embarrassing in-sync laughing.

3. Lots of photos.

Valentina wears black silk dress by Bik Bok & chelsea boots from ASOS.

I wear vintage T, Topshop black skirt & Valentina’s jewellery.

We both used my current addiction, Super Model Legs by Dr. Pericone. It’s a tinted, shimmery lotion with Capsaicin (found in chili peppers). It stimulates your skin & makes you look all healthy & tanned.

The girls in LA swear by it, so who am I to argue?

A bottle is £37, but it lasts forever & covers a multitude of sins. You can use it on your arms & Décolletage for an all over glow.

Also great the morning after when you’re not feeling quite so peachy.


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