DIY Christmas Elf Doughnuts

This blog post is one for all of you with nippers, nieces or nephews.

When I was little, one of the best things about Christmas was Christmas Eve. My parents would sit us by the fire and read ‘The Night Before Christmas‘ with mugs of steaming hot chocolate and wriggly toes in pyjamas.

Just before we’d go up to bed, we’d make sure the stockings were all hung nicely on the mantle piece & we’d leave Santa a little thankyou.

We would choose the biggest mince pie we could find, with a little glass of port (filled to the brim, everyone knows that tipsy Santa gives better pressies), some carrots for the reindeer & some doughnuts for the elves. It never occurred to me that this wasn’t a world wide practice. Apparently some people have been leaving the elves out.

So, this Christmas, gather the nippers, make your very own tiny doughnuts, and make an elf’s Christmas special this year.

To make your tiny treats, you’ll need:




Icing/Powdered sugar


A small match box

These are so easy to make, but can be a little fiddly. Trust me about the chopsticks, they make all the difference!

Pop a spoonful of Nutella in a dish & microwave it for about 20seconds. (You could also just use melted chocolate, but Nutella is the lazy option.) You just need to carefully dip one side of your Cheerios into the chocolate and then shake sprinkles over the top. Poke one of your chopsticks through the hole to keep your doughnut shape. Place them on the side to dry.

To make the plain chocolate ones, do the same minus the sprinkles.

And for the powdered sugar ones, just roll them in the powdered sugar. If it wont stick, give them a very little lick, like a stamp, and try again. (The elves wont mind a bit.)

When you have all the doughnuts you need, pop them into a match box, with a little tissue paper folded underneath. If you were feeling particularly festive, you could even decorate your match box!

The Coke can should give you an idea of scale, just incase you thought I had HUGE hands. Sometimes I like to make a couple extra and pretend I’m a giant as I eat them. I highly recommend this approach.

If you make your own tiny treats, please tweet me with the pictures, I’d love to see you or your little elves enjoying them as much as I do! .

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